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Full text of "Hingham High School yearbook"

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Hingham High School 

Hingham, Massachusetts 

Class of 1989 




f ou and your best friend like 
he same clothes^ music, cars— 


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atnuHMnt « 

many choices 


12:48 Vandalism. Hingham High School 
reports four kids breaking windows, 
principal chased them down Pleasant St. 
-ars 411, 412, 416, 402 notified. 

Christmas In The Square' ^ 

■» .wjy-— >vr 

A c^tule o4\ 3douz (9wn. 



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Pilgrim Arena 

Breaking up with 
tlie whole gang 

Fire Destroys Downtowr 

4:56 Reported Fight. Several calls 
possible gang fight between Hull & 
Hingham youths scheduled for sometime 
this evening. Cars 410, 416 checked area of 
Station St. and Old Ship Cemetery, units 
advised to watch area during the evening. 


Thi<S ic it....nmm nicrlif- I 






Lewis Ernst 

Robert Novelli 


Charles Vickery 



Riciiard MacLeod 


Michael Donnell 

Denise Walsh 


Donna Barrell 

Annabelle Berlenbach 


Dennis Clinton 
Physical Education 







Valerie Eysier-Mather 

Charlotte Falvey 

Mary Dolbear 

Jane Ellis 


Beverly Gilbert 
Teacher Aide 

Nancy Gustafson 
Guidance Counselor 

Patricia Harding 
Resource Room Aide 



Fred Jewett 

Jack Kennedy 
Physical Education 

David Lacatell 
Social Studies 


William Mortimer 
Physical Education 

Nancy Noble 
Teacher Aide 


Tamara Perelman 
Social Studies 

Agnes Quill 
Business Department Head 


Joseph Ryan 
Industrial Arts 

Diana Sides 


Donald Sullivan 

Carol Troy 
Resource Room Aide 


Cathleen Walsh 

Mark Warden 

Alice Yacobian 

Cafeteria Staff 

Maryin Raskopf, Thelma Barilaro, Carol Gratto, Mary Dillon, Sandy Welch, Marie Carr, Maria Tavano, Candy Barbuto, 
Allana Goldsmith 

Alfred Shaw 
Head Custodian 



Mm .--.-^ ,2K# ''^•'^^'^it¥'^'WK:''«Giriirr 


Ahh! I glued my fingers to this table! 






William C. Adams 

"It's not how smart you are, it is how 
much common sense you have." 
Thanx Mom, Dad, and Dana, A.S., 
K.S., P.S., K.B., J.G., T.B., S.O., D.T.X. 
Crew, zero tolerance, B.M.H.C, OH 
YAA Deldon, U.R. Huge, Lax, cho cha, 
Always United. Straight Edge in your 

Aimee L. Arkell 

Thanks: M.C., K.M., T.G., N.B., S.M., 
C.R., K.B., M.M., Only the good die 
young — Baby Macho Commacho, 
"you rule." Gucci-Gucci, Dead end . . . 
AHH!! Let me pump the gas . . . explo- 
sion! — The window — B.L. — , Ste- 
phen — Thanks for everything, I love 
you ANGELI! "V" "Believe in yourself 
. . . and you will succeed." — U2 — 

Sharon Mary Adiey 

Trust in God. Believe in yourself. Dare 
to dream. Thanks Mom and Dad. I love 
you. Thanks Claire for everything, I luv 
u2, ... est . . . ends 4-EVA. Thanks 
S.T., M.H., B.B.K., S.S., S.C, C.H., 
P.G., M.M., loose sprints "86", CH^ 
SA. Soccer cheerleading, Lavida, 
Colradapp Colorado. Just say my 
name, mmm . . . maccaroni and 
cheese, bathroom anyone? Hallow- 
een nights! Don't worry Be happy! 
"Friends are friends forever" 

Fred Alexander 

"And now it's time go go, through the 
sleet and driving snow, across the 
fields of mourning, to a light in the dis- 
tance ..." Z.C, N.H., Tub, 4-15-88. 
Thanx: AS, BH, MM, T, C, M&D, and 
esp. H.P. — 1-18-88. I LOVE YOU 

Lynn Anderson 

Friends are forever. Thanks: L.G., 
K.F., J.K., S.M., T.R., T.C., L.B.. E.P., 
M.H., M.H., and Mom and Dad. If 
there's anything better than a smile 
please let me know. 








■ ^ J 

^P '^ 



K ' 



Richard F. Avila 

"Is life worth living? That depends on 
the liver." Well, we finally made it. 
Good luck to everyone. 

IVIelanie Augur 

"Whatever the struggle, continue the 
climb — it may be only one step to the 
summit." Thank you — Diane "bab- 
ble-dabble," Melissa B.F. "Rosie", 
Sandra — "ribbon pals" forever. "A 
star in the faith of the sky." Rob — 
je't'aime. Love ya Mom and Dad. 

Elena Avila 

What the people need is a way to 
make them smile, it ain't so hard to do 
if you know how. Thanx Renee, I love 
ya. Yaz, Nicole, Jenna Hawaii 88. Jill, 
Que pasa. I'll always love you Mark. 


Stephen Francis Ayers 

"I know what I know, I'll sing what 
I'said, We come and we go, That's a 
thing I keep in the back of my head" 
— Paul Simon — Best of luck to my 
ifriends. Thank you and farewell to the 
ijnstitution . . . Whatever, Whatever, 
Whatever . . . 

Terrence Bailey 

"T", "T-Bone", "Teebs" 
The great pleasure in life is doing what 
people say you cannot do. — Walter 
Bagehot. CE, WATS, AG, JM. Stubby, 
Moe, CR, Throck, JS, JK, LK, Theo, 
AA, RR keep in touch. See ya. Love 
you M & D. 

Nicole Baker 

"Good times bad times, you know I've 
had my share" 1st last night — pits, 
Tony's, Baker's Hill — are we PC'd 
Gha! "Maybe next weekend Yaz" 
(UMass Amherst — 10-31-88) "Want 
a miller light Yaz?" "Joe Walsh" 
"EGO" (Melrose) Plans? — Yaz, Ju- 
nior prom — '87. "scoop!" Bahama 
bound! Thanks for the memories: YS, 
TW, OH, CB, DK, SJ, SH. KH, BB, MS, 
LK, JK, LP, CL, EA, RC, Leve, senoriti- 
tis, we're outta here! Party! Thanks 
Mom and Dad, Love ya! 6/4/88 

Jonathan A. Barnet 

There was never yet a philosopher 
That could endure the toothache pa- 
tiently. — Shakespeare. Ah oui, Den- 
ise Goulet! When I get my truck . . . 
One day Alice, one day, pow right in 
the kisser. Remember: A gift horse in 
the bush is worth its weight in mossy 

Jennifer Loveland 

"You have to go where you want to go, 
do what you want to do, with whom 
you want to do it with." "Only the good 
die young" J.S., B.B., and A.W. — I'll 
always remember. Jessica (B.F.F.) 
and four-pack: Diane, Melissa, and 
Mary Jane — Thanx, I love you! Pits, 
Tony's, Jim's garage. Thanx Dad! 

Christopher Bennett 

Elizabeth Katherine 

"We came unwillingly and left not 
wanting to go, but our good times, 
we'll always know" — sheepies, jee- 
pies, silkies, piggies, 4-wheelin', ri- 
din', DC, BFF's. Special friends, fam- 
ily: Chuck, Stacy, Rick, Mom, Bruce 
— love you guys! Allen — I never 
could have made it without you! I love 
you always! Mickey 4-EVA! 

Thomas A. Berry 

"Man is born to live not to prepare to 
live" . . . "To accomplish great things 
we must live as if we were never going 
to die" . . . The car's nice but it's really 
orange! Good times and good friends 
Burgess Pt . . . stars, waterskiing, 
wrestling . . . See-ya . . . Good luck 


Lars Peter Binau 

"Don't worry be happy, if you worry 
here's my phone number call me and 
be happy!" Thanks to all the Sieg- 
frieds! You've been great! 
Tak for al' den opmarksomhed hele 
skolen Har givet til alle os udrekslings 
studenter og tak for den stette nogle. 
Personer har givet mig. 

Lisa Diane Bitner 

Lis, Bitna 
"Keep within your heart a place apart 
Where little dreams may go, 
May thrive and grow. 
Hold fast — hold fast to your 
dreams!" Louise Driscoll 
Don't stop believing and 
Never forget the feeling 
For that's what dreams are made of. 

Sarah Blampled 

"The future rides beside me 
Tomorrow in his hand 
The stranger turns to greet me 
Take me by the hand." Robert Plant 

"#24 Babe" AC 

"Boyfriends with the same names" 


"Hi20 skiing, Killington, D.C., the Gif, 


stripped boy, Don't worry Chris, 


Nate Blaustein 

Who am I? 
When you look into my eyes, and read 
my heart, you will know. You will re- 
member the time we spent together, 
and may the memories of our special 
friendship bring a smile to your face, 
and courage to your heart so you may 
face the challenges yet to come. 

Laura Lynne Bonetzky 

Laurie, Bannahead, Bonbetzky, Blon- 
die, Goldie Locks, Poodle 

As time passes friends come and go. 
Jeanine and Kevin you're the best. 
And Jim and Bob this is for you: "If the 
sun refuses to shine, I'd still be loving 
you . . . Inspirations are what you are 
to me . . . And today my world shines." 
(Led Zep.) 

Joshua Butterall 

ISAIAH 53:5 

IVIelissa Christine Bonsor 

"We are not driven from behind, but 
lured from before! Not pushed but 
pulled! Magnetized from Beyond!" 

— Lloyd C. Douglas 
Licia, Kevs "why are we doing this? 
What's the point?" "Wha" Ardie 
Smed. Szabs, I'd . . . morning P.C. Tor; 
— oking Yaka. Yo Aines. how do you 
turn this thing on. Thanks M & D. 

Krysten Buckley 

Buckwheat, Bucky 
"Sometimes life doesn't turn out as 
we expect and sometimes we don't 
get to say what needs to be said in 

"How does it feel to be P.S.?" "That's 
funny!" Big Biwwy U2 concert "How 
do you spell it?" "5'7 Vs"" Thanks 
Moe, Adam, L.C., Muffin, S.F., C.H., 
J.M., M.S. 


Christopher L. Caldwell 

Chris, Clark 
"I find the great things in this world is 
not so much where we stand as in 
what direction we are moving" Rid- 
dles' ... My old D. Room . . . Tabor . . . 
Cape Lax ... Ski Chalet . . . Living 
with friends, in Boston Summer '88 
Thanx ... It all started with a purple 
running suit. Thanks Mom + Dad 

Joseph Campbell 

Maura Beth Canavan 

The dictionary is the only place you 
will find success before work. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for your sup- 
port. Thanks also to my friends, you 
guys are the best. Don't forget our 
classics, the lioness never will and re- 
member Mau-Mau is living the good 

Stephanie Caracciolo 

"Friends come and go in your life like 
busboys in a restaurant." Time flew. 
Changes. Thanks Brad, Lis, Tiff, 
Claire. J — Ha! Young Life. Saranic. 
Sting. S — Dates. Deadhead's Music. 
Thanks M & D. "Momma don't take my 
Kodachrome away." Had a blast. 
Thanks for the laughs. I'll miss every- 

Kerry Colleen Carolan 

"Geek" "BBK" "Veep" 
"There are three things which are 
real: God, human folly, and laughter. 
The first two are beyond comprehen- 
sion, so we must do what we can with 
the third." "Mig, Bear, Sadley, Chrys, 
Heather, Cath, Tricia . . . Love You!" 
"YOGI" + Boo-Boo. Young Life. Cru- 
sin'. Pididdle! 8/11/88: Megadeath; 
K + C. Thanks Mom + Dad! 

Terrone D. Carpenter II 

Voted; Most likely to succeed 
One may wish that their name will live 
on beyond theiryears. In doing so they 
think back upon great Names in histo- 
ry and come upon Play-Doh . . . 

Gabrielle Patrice Carroll 

"Be wise with your words and actions 
for you will be remembered by them 
..." MES: True love always consists 
of three people "The search is over" 
Another victory lap, fly-by the high- 
beamer, CG? Sure! Hold on to 'da' 
memories forever guys. Thanks Mom 
and Dad, I love you. 

Amy Lynn Casciato 

To overlook the little things in life, is to 
overlook the biggest part of life itself 
— A^ Spain '88, Sangria Parties, Loy- 
ola Academy, The Sand Bar, not even 
Bruce '88, Liz '87, J and P it's impres- 
sive. The New Frontier . . . Carey, are 
we the same person or what? Look at 
the clock!! Packs, Good Luck MC, 
CM, KM, JK, DM, BP, CF, CS, HC. 
Thanks Andi, Dave, Mom and Dad. 


Hugo Castejon 

Maureen Kathryn Cham 

Moe, Bean, Sly 
Just remember life is too short to hold 
back! "Without friends the world is but 
a wilderness" Thanks everyone for a 
great time! Good Luck! PS — 
Grandpa (Psalms 23), Bucky, "Mar- 
cia," Biwwy, 72 concert, SO, JS, LB, 
MD, JM, MC, JL, AC. See ya! Thanks 
Mom and Dad. 

Michelle H. Chung 

"How do we become true and good, 
happy and genuine, joyful and free? 
Never by magic, never by chance, 
never by sitting and waiting, but only 
by knowing good, true, happy, genuine 
human beings." Thanks to all of my 
friends, new and old, who are the most 
genuine people I know. 

Monica Ann Clark 

"Give me one moment in time when 

I'm more than I thought I could be; 

when all of my dreams are a heartbeat 


and the answers are all up to me." 

— Whitney Houston 
Class of '89 make that moment shine. 
To my family and friends thank you for 
making this moment possible. I love 
you all. 

Sarah Elizabeth Cleary 

Nlcki, Gunter, Sar, Id, Michelle 
"And I don't worry about nothin' no, 
because worrying's a waste of my 
time." Matt, Mags, Sloane, Gretta, 
Mon, Bonsor, Coach, Smed, Larry, 
Numster, Boo. Thanks for always be- 
ing there! Remember N.Y., L.C., D.C., 
Aloha, wrestling, Brigham's, the 
beach: Thanks Mom & Dad. Matt te 
quiero. Don't forget to ask. What now? 

Colleen P. Cocio 

"A hard beginning maketh a good end- 
ing." Heywood. I would like to thank all 
of my friends for being there. Thanks 
to Mrs. Kendall for all the help and 
moral support she gave me. Thanks 
Mom & Dad. 


Tina Elizabeth Colby 

Thanx Family! Thanx Grattas! 
LGSMJK my best buddies, Love you 
Guys!! Rae, LYMES!! 

SCGCAILKBBTRED. Kimmie!! Grant, 
neiglibors. Neil, not just my love, my 
best friend, I'll Love you Alw/aysl! Sum- 
mer '87, The Donut, The Falls, Oxford. 
"Just 15 minutes ... 5 hours later." 
Goodbye and Goodluck everyone! 

Michelle Diane Corby 

Stop and take a look at us. How/ do we 
know who we are if we're always a 
mold of someone else? The time has 
come for us to be individuals for only 
then we will know. Thanks everyone 
for letting me be myself. — (Young 
Life) — I love you Mom and Dad. 

Heather Cole 

Here lies my past. Good Bye I have 
kissed it. Thanks a lot kids I wouldn't 
have missed it! LL, CB, AC, KT, FG. 
Penny, Florida + Dart, '88. LL, "No 
Way!" EDGARTOWN Summers-kid 
sitters? Hope, GZ, JM, CM. Thanks for 
everything! "The Paynes." CBC. Suc- 
cess desired, Success acquired. 
Good Luck Class of '89! 

Bob Commesso 

Thanks Mom and Steve for all the sup- 
port you gave me. A. A. remember The 
window . . . Thanks to all my friends 
and success to all. Always follow your 
dreams and always wish on a falling 
star. J.C, and M.H.!!! and my little sis- 
ter Mary C you have one more year 
just stick it out and get through it. 

Jennifer Connor 

July 14, 1988 . . . JEFF . . . "TheT.A.," 
B-Buddie, "F.T.M.," Bozo's Drip Top 
. . . "Take your time think a lot why 
think of everything you've got for you 
still may be here tomorrow but your 
dreams may not." Thanks Mom and 

Kevin Cosgrove 

Lisa Cordeiro 

Rindy, Diz 
I realize my world is not sturdy, but 
neither is yours. You're afraid to step 
in here, for fear of Both our Worlds 
collapsing. I'll never forget summers, 
laughter, tears, good friends. New 
York, Shows, Clueless. Thanks S.G. 
K.J., M.P., S.M., CM., S.K., M.S., 

Thomas E. Cormier 



James Patrick Costello 

"Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, 
Time stays, we go." Good Luck Class 
of '89! Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Walter Cronin 

"Too fast to live, too young to die, 

Chris Cox 

"If I had my way, I would probably just 
sit and stare. Watch the TV or read a 
book, I'd have no reason to be 

Remember: To the Class of '89, "The 
greatest things you do are always 
done by mistake." — Clapton 


Anne Marie Cronin 

Don't give up! You know it's never 
been easy, don't give up 'cause I be- 
lieve there's a place, there's a place 
where we belong. — Peter Gabriel 

France! Colorado '87 YL + IMUSO, 
shotgun. Directions? 4/29/88 P.C. 
JP. SP. Ch. "My looks" #24 BABE — 
Thanks CG, BH, SL, SS, SB=, CN Good 
Luck Class of '89. 

Adam Crowley 

"There are things known and there 

are things unknown and in between 

are the Doors." 

"If it feels good do it." 

"Purple Baise" 

Edmund Leo Dauphinais 

Never settle for less!! 

Stephen M. Crowley 

"Smilin Jack" 
It seems like it took a lifetime but I 
guess I made it. Sesna Huh! Jellowy, 
Prixi Stix, Crash and Burn, Hey Brady, 
How's the sludge in Cushing Pond. 
Rocket fuel for Cling-On in the morn- 
ing. Towie, Fitz, Dave, Bordy, Link, 
and Shaky Parnell. 
Class of '89 

David Cummings 

This is when the fun ends and the work 


Andrea M. Davies 

Believe in who you are and you will 
never fail. Strive toward your goals 
and you will always succeed. Thanks 
for your support Mom, Dad, Chris, and 

Garrett A. Deane 

Free advice: "When choosing be- 
tween two evils, I always choose the 
one I've never tried before." — Mae 
West. Experience your dream. Climb 
Mt. Washington. Long live the Dash- 
board Gang! Don't let the past remind 
you of what we are not now. "A light 
heart lives long." Life is just walls and 
bridges . . . We shall all shine on. 

David Francis DeBruin 

"There are three kinds of people in 
the world: those who make things 
happen, those who watch things hap- 
pen, and those who wonder what hap- 
pened." Spain '88 . . . USSR '89 . . . 
Walleyballcrew. . .NFL. . .Happy?. . . 
Tons o' thanks to everyone especially 
Mom Dad . . . Ciao dudes — Good 

Nicole Elizabeth DellaVoIpe 

"You can close your eyes to reality, 
but not to memories". Colorado '87, 
track buddies, B.C., buddy, "nose", 
BONS DAUQS, Is there something in 
my teeth? Thanx Mom, Dad, Mike, Al, 
Kath, Stace and Kristine. Never tear 
us apart — I love you Barry. 

Sean Derbyshire 

Long live the group! And now for 
something completely different . . . 
Reality! It's been amusing. 

Peter DiMarino 

Do not fear, but believe in your 
dreams, for a dream is just a memory 
that has not happened yet. 

Kristin Mary Devito 

"I'm not afraid of tomorrow, for I have 
seen yesterday and I love today" 
Thank you Dave for your patience, un- 
derstanding and love — and thanks 
for being my best friend. I love you. 
Thanks also to Mom, Dad, and Kim for 
your love and support. Take care Ev- 
eryone! Goodbye HHS! 

Juiianne Lynne Diercks 

The only way to see a rainbow is to 
look thru the rain . . . Don't worry, be 
happy! Optimism works magic. Al- 
ways remember: track sprint wor- 
kouts, Y1 and CO, SYMS: JB's class, 
bowling, Voodoo! Toronto trophies — 
yeah Band! LB: I finally understand 
Lisa language! JF: This is the way 
downtown. ES: So what if I skied into 
the ditch! RT: I love u! Careful with the 
catsup, O.K.? M & D: I wouldn't be 
here w/o u! SMILE GUYS!! 



Kevin Emilio Doran 

Kevin, Kev D., Emilio, Milio My name is 
Doran not Duran. And I don't have an 
attitude problem. You Mary. Summer 
'88, Hockey 86-89, T-Bird '88. Otis, 
Bob D., Big Al, Tiny, Scott D., S.D., 
D.C., Queerzie, Gargs, WHERE'S THE 
PARTY? Mom and Dad don't lose 

Kevin Doyle 

"I haven't enough about it" 

David K. Dresser 

ike life, It's something to do" — 
Ronnie Shakes. The Meatmen! Dufus 
Bro., Booga, tendo, (J + B)=' = 
DITCH! Khodafez! Later days . . . 

— H.P. 

Kent Gerrish Drinker 

It's only fun w/hen someone gets hurt. 
Let's score some czars. Thanks Ah- 
mad you taught me well. Xcuse me 
while I kiss the sky. E.C. is God. Rid- 
dle me this batman. 

Heather DuCasse 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I 
couldn't have made it this far without 
you. Cross-Country, Basketball, 
Track, Tennis, Cheerleading, Close- 
up, AFS: Greece, France, SADD, Na- 
tional Honor Society, French Club, 
Amnesty International. Don't regret 
things past, you can't change them, 
just try to learn. 

Catlileen Ann Earl 

Our friends see the very best in us, 
and by that fact call forth the very best 
in us. — Breadhead lives! Cat, Susie, 
Chapstick, DiAngelos! Blinkies and 
potted plants. The dog's water dish. 
Carol Lames — Paper Fights. Truce! 
— The best of times. 

John Michael Emier Jr. 

Boom! Hey Ian, Guess what? I live Join 
In Nommine Satans, Don't be so fright- 
ened. It's just a passing phase. De- 
mon-training "kids don't have stress" 
looky here, the nurses office again. 
I.M., A.T., S.D., R.L., N.N., S.T., J.B., 
A.F., Who dressed you this morning, 


Richard Estano 

Anthony Fahie 

Carolyn Lee Falls 

Caa, Schlumper 
You can clutch the past so tightly to 
your chest that it leaves your arms too 
full to embrace the present. Colorado 
'87: C.F. — my twin: "Aren't I a 
treat."; 20-hour date; "not the bright- 
est kid . . . ;" No tolerance; KM, you're 
so smart! D.M., you're such a riot! 
Thanks for everything M -f D, KM, TE, 
MC, CF, NL, DM, DD, + rest of my 
wallyball friends. 

Jennifer Feeney 

"Look not mournfully into the past. It 
comes not back again. Wisely Im- 
prove the present. It's time. Go fourth 
to meet the shadowy future without 
Fear, and with a strong heart HYPER- 

Karen Marie Ferrini 

Friends may come and go, but the 
memories will last forever. Chrissy — 
Ditzy Lisa — Gotta light? "Large 
Marge" Falvey. MH, JK, TC, SM. "Bob 
have some courtesy, have some sym- 
pathy and some taste." (R. Stones) 
To my sis Nanc. U2 rules — I love ya! 
Nana & Bubba — I DID IT?! Congrats 
Kim! Aerosmith mustang GT, Forever 
— see ya! 

Scott Fillmore 

Erin Farrell 

To dream about who you wish to be is 
to waste who you are — thanks KT, 
LB, SF, PC, KM and D — Kim remem- 
ber the fence? Skiing in N.H.? — lis. 
Cape Cod Summer 87, 88, the beach, 
Boston!! football games (J & J)!l WIF? 
— thanks for the memories guys, I 
love you Mom & Dad — Bahamas 89! 

Christina Dawn Finlay 

Eighty percent of the race is run in 
your head. You must believe you can 
win to be a winner. Confidence in your- 
self is the key. The only error is in not 
believing in yourself. Thanks to every- 
one who helped me believe — Mr. 
Herrmann, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Thompson, 
Mr. Brown, Mrs. Pennell, Lee Anne, 
Mom, Pete, the team, friends. Star- 
land, You clown! Summer 88 — bowl- 
ing — I love You!!! 


Jennifer Fish 

Vasaline. Heyeee. Doritos? We're 
selling oranges and grapes. Mr. 
Browne. Montreal. Toronto. Track 
workouts. Duck pond hike. Sniffling. 
Amnesty International. AFS. Russia. 
Hockey Cheerleading. Night Vision. 
Great Friends! Thanks Mom and Dad; I 
love you! — "Aim with patience for 
the heights and only the best will 
come to you." 

Carol Irene Flynn 

"The simplest of things are often the 
hardest to grasp — like soap in a 
bath." Thanks to all my friends for car- 
ing and making me laugh. Remember: 
Judy, Frannie, Colorado, Toronto, Fi- 
ber, Mau-Mau's ESLEEP, Studly, 
Dave's "eyes". Fruit sale Rap, no ex- 
aggeration, Amoebas stick together, 
and my twin Carolyn! 

Alan Fisher 

I would like to thank the following: Me- 
tallica, Slaye, C.O.C, D.R.I., Nuclear 
Assault, Agnotistic Frount, Kiss, Dec- 
ade, Zorlac, Gands, Pushead, B.C. 
Rich, Chip, Jean, Jeremy, Colin, Jen 
R., Mike E., Ammonster, Rachael D., 
Chris M. (Doc's) Damage Inc., The 
bubble, well isn't that special Hewwo!, 
Chris B. — EB CB EB, The Fake Bell, 
. . . And to Rachel Evans. 

Sue Fitzmaurice 

"Life is to be fortified by many friend- 
ships. To love and be loved is the 
greatest happiness of existence." 
Thanks! Elena, Jeanne, Jen, Heather 
and Mike (I love you!) 


"I ain't often right, but I never been 
wrong, seldom turn out the way it does 
in the song" The sky was a yellow and 
the sun was blue Jack and Trilly this 
cling — One's for you! Thanks for ev- 
erything Wapes! Give her the Eyes 
Bordy. The top is down. 

Rachel Mary Flynn 

Ekua Honny 
"The future becomes the present, the 
present becomes the past, and the 
past turns into everlasting." Make ev- 
ery moment a precious one. Let things 
happen as they are meant to be. Re- 
member to always be yourself. To my 
family and friends in the United States 
and Guana, I love you. 

Stephen James Flynn 

Steve, Flynny 
"We're not here for a long time: We're 
here for a good time" . . . Weekends 
... the beach . . . Clapton . . . "who's 
driving?" ... ski trips . . . "enjoy life to 
the fullest" . . . "be rich and own a 
Jaguar" . . . Head for the mountains 

Shannan Elizebeth Foley 

Time goes, you stay? Ah, NO! 
Alas, Time stays, we go. 
Thanx Mom and Dad and friends 


Sean Ford 

It's what you do that you don't have to 
do first that makes you what you are 
when its too late to do anything about 
it. Dogger, Curly, Jonie, Kuruan, Cos- 
mos, Tilt and everyone else, I'll see 
you later. 

Faith Robin Frary 

"Kindness is generally reciprocal; we 
are desirous of pleasing others be- 
cause we receive pleasure from 
them." S.J. 

Thank you M & A, Matt, Beth and Joy. 
The New Zealand Experience (again & 

Pooky lives. Laura on Lazell. Small 
and Cat. 
Here we go! (scary as that may be!!) 

J. Borden Freeman 

The Bus came and I got on, 
that's when it all began 
It was cowboy Neil 
at the wheel of the bus 
to never ever land. 
If I'm sorry in the morning, that's just 
too bad! To all my friends and even 
Jack. When I'm rich maybe I'll write. 

Joseph Fulton 

"All men are like grass, and all their 
glory is like the flowers of the field; the 
grass withers and the flowers fall, but 
the word of the Lord stands forever." 
— Peter: 24-25 

Matthew Gannon 

'What I must do is all that concerns 
me, not what the people think ... It is 
the harder because you will always 
find those who think they know what is 
your duty better than you know it. It is 
easy in the world to live after the 
world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to 
live after our own; but the great man is 
he who in the midst of the crowd 
keeps with perfect sweetness the in- 
dependence of solitude." 

Michael R. Gargano 

Mike, Gargs 
No words of wisdom or philosophy 
here. You meet the strangest people 
in the strangest places, and this place 
was pretty strange. Have fun next year 
Al. It ain't over till it's over and here 
comes that fat chick. Thanks KD, AH, 
SA, BF, JW, JF and that Hurly Girl . . . 
Does this mean I have to get a real 

Susan Marie Geary 

Even the best of friends can't always 
be together, but the memories we 
shared will last forever. 
Couldn't have made it without ya Lau- 
ra! Thanx for the best times — L.M., 
K.K., D.G., C.G., L.T., G.M., S.M., J.T., 
B.N., J.O., "bicycle Wheel" — 
"What?" DEF LEPPARD — "Breath- 
less" . . . "Hummarock" "WOW!" 
"Checkers" "Summer Nights" 

Wayne Alan Gay Jr. 

"You can have anything you want . . . 
but you better not take it from me." 
"Hittin the Ponytrail Again" w/L.H., 
J.B., AND "C" and "J." Stink can I 
have a ride. Kev. "Nice Truck," "Sum- 
mertime BLUES" — Skins, 27 Shows, 
Radio-Active Bug? Pearl, "Wrappin 
that Rascal!" Thanx S., K., M., J., and 
the "Brady's." 


Lisa Marie Getty 

Lise, Lisa 
Chrissy can you throw this out the win- 
dow for me? Karen c'mon push 100! 
Nanc — Ui2. Jessyca — cheese sties 
and Christies! Laura — The Flaming 
Firework! Tiffany — Hull Ice Cream! 
Eric — My Music! Graduation is Janu- 
ary 6th?! SM, TC, DC, JA, MH^ ABB 
AEROSMITH. Mom and Dad — I did it! 
I'll pay everyone back tomorrow! 

Peter Anthony Giordano 

"For a moment of night we have a 
glimpse of ourselves and our world is- 
landed in its stream of stars — pil- 
grims of mortality. Voyaging between 
horizons across the eternal sea of 
space and time." — Henry Beston 

Amy Beth Goldberg 

Smed, Ames 
"Don't be concerned about the 
changes of tomorrow, they will reflect 
memories of today. Live each day as if 
your life had just begun." Thanks: 
Mags, Nicki, Boo, C.C., L.S., R.Z., 
B.L., C.P., R.H., L.T., G.Z., Thanks 
Mom and Dad. Hey! M.B., remember 

Charlotte Elizabeth Gorham 

In whatever you do, may the rewards 
always be worth the risks. — Thanx 
John "KJD" — "Never Tear Us 
Apart!!" House #1: Steve, Barbara, 
Patrick, Kevin and Brian. Thanx and 
ILY! Margaritaville! 3/12/88!! — We 
really "blew it" in Vermont Anne Ma- 
rie!! — PUD . . . JP — "I'm so im- 
pressed" Thanx Guys!! — #18, SPO, 
Colorado '87, LY? and Charlotte's 

Holbrook W. Garcia 

ACE, Biff, Brooklyn (JB)^ = F NYC + 
HHSDC = Hi20 What's a Gunga? I like 
talking to myself because I like deal- 
ing with a better class of people. 
Some people are so touchy! Rocky 
Forever! What Fishnets? Thanx Bon, 
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi. In the end every- 
thing is a gag. 

Lynne Marie Gratta 

"So you can get on with your search 
and I can get on with mine and maybe 
someday we will find it wasn't really 
wasted time." Thanx Mom, Dad, Joe, 
Thanx for being there Kimmie. I love ya 

Mari, Tina, Tiff, Jess, Stacy and every- 
one goodbye and good luck! 

Patricia Anne Griffith 

"There will come another day." We 
finally made it! AA, find the man of your 
dreams and stick with him. BBK — 
Yogi, Mitch, Claire, S-Adley — Great 
Times! SK you've meant more to me 
than you'll ever know. Thanks Mom & 
Jim couldn't have made it without you. 
Doin' Fine in '89!! 

Andrew James Grillo 

Andy, Grill 
"What do you mean quotes are due 
today?" Dashboard Gang '88, "Mover 
and Shaker" left on Spitburg right on 
Daniel Webster, Mt Washington '86, 
'87, '88 ... "Party at my house?" 
Denise who? Windsurf, ski, climb 
some mountains and call it a day. 


Susan Jean Habelt 

I just wanted to thank P.H., S.C, & T.P. 
for helping me out whenever I needed 
it. Hey Aimless don't feel left out. I still 
think of you as one of my best friends. 
Hey AO & RS Don't forget the Boston 
Concert 9/26/88. I Love You Mom & 

Sara Elizabeth Hallett 

I'm flying! I can soar! 
Way up high, 
Suddenly here am I, 
I can soar, I can weave 
And what's more — 
I'm not even trying! 

— "Peter Pan' 

William Gerard Hardiman 

AUF Wiedersehen! Bob Crowely, Es- 
tabanito, Arvid, Harry Belafonte, The 
Dealer & Friends of the Dealer. "OH 
NO, NOT LAZEL!" "Life is full of pres- 
sures ... I still got a lot of work to do." 
— Muhammad All 

Kerin Harold 

"Someday we may find that it really 
wasn't wasted time." Remember: 
Jess's pep talks . . . Fine don't answer 
the question . . . Three Bostonians . . . 
School!? Dragon Wagon . . . Bottoms 
too? . . . It's around here . . . Thanx to 
everyone especially JH, LL, NB, CH, 
JB, JA, My Mom and brothers, Dad I 
know we will be together someday. 

To all my friends and family thank you 
for helping me fly! I love you all! 

Cara Ann Harries 

"Harry, Gooka" 
Gookin' w/Plats, Lib, Lee — "3 know: 
1 is dead, 1 has gone mad, and I have 
forgotten ..." "Boomerangs in the 
sky facing innocently" "Armes as in 
Legs" "Stacy's wingin' It tonight" 
Connecticut . . . Ponyboy, Ferrari — 
J. P., C.W., H.S., J.L., C.H.^ S.A., 
"Loosesprint" I LOVE YOU MOM & 
DAD — "Don't worry, be happy." 

Jessyca Victoria Harris 

Jess, Jay 
"And if the mountain should crumble, 
or disappear into the sea, not a tear, 
no not I." For Michael "Don't fear the 
future, don't regret the past, but live 
each day as if it were your last ..." 
Jen — My BFF — I love you! My family 

— I more than love you! Bob and Jim 

— I'll always remember you. Dead 
and U2 shows. My love always to: SM, 
CC, MB, DD, TR, DG, GE, JV, BW, YS, 
ST, GK, CL, AW, DK, and esp. Tony, 
Bordie, Sean, Alex, Kerin, and Jessie. 

Steven S. Harris 

There's always next year! 

Michele Hart 

"Memories seem like dreams, hun- 
dreds of hopes in the past, neverthe- 
less it was never the last ... " — 
James Taylor Ker, Claire Bear, Adiey, 
JT, CSN, The day the wave hit the 
wall. Trident, 7-Eleven, Looking for the 
bathroom?, "Real Great," roll down 
the hill backwards. Retread, give me 
ten minutes, PIDIDDLE! 


mr^ ■ tB 


Em "^V 


m. -^ N ^1 


B *r-: ''' ^H 




Gregory Healy 

"Liar . . . Have a clue buddy . . . down 
the pit . . . count it . . . nothin' there . . . 
oh you wanna go . . . yup . . . 3,4,5 and 
5 is 10 . . . Sally! . . . E.G." 

H. Peter Hess Jr. 

Live life so that when you're through 
and looking back at what has been, 
you don't say, "I wish ..." or "If only 
..." There is no second chance, so 
do it right the first time. Thanks for the 
memories — SL, TB, RJ, CC, BH, CD 
'88. To fvlom and Dad: All my apprecia- 
tion and love. 

Claire Ann Higgins 

"A smile is a curve that helps keep 
everything straight." Lavida, Thanks: 
Sharon, Steph, BBK, Mitch, Sandra, 
Katharine, Trisia, Stacey S, Cara, 
Loose Sprints, The night the wave hit 
the wall, YL. We will all be together 
someday! (Dean) Padidle, Halloween 
nights, I can't stop eating! (Apple 
Crisp) Don't worry Be happy. Special 
thanks to an awesome best friend!! Be 
. . . Fri . . . I love you Mom and Dad. 
"It's hard to let you go but in the fa- 
ther's hands we know that a life times 
not too long to live as friends." 

Elizabeth Devereaux Hodges 

Don't worry about a thing because ev- 
ery little thing is going to be alright. — 
Bob Marley AC, SL, JB, SS, PH — ^ 
Thanks for everything. Like, like, . 
Quogue . . . Hey Dude . . . Stop it! "Thej 
Trio" All my thanks and love to you,| 
Mom, Dad, and Bug. 

Charlene Holler 

"You have to go where you want to go. 
Do what you want to do. How you want 
to do it." Never forget: 3 B's, 3 Bosto- 
nians. Breakfast Breaks, N.J. P., M.V. 
1987, 1/16/87, B.F.W., School??? 
Bretton Woods. Good Luck everyone! 
Thanks to my friends! Jen — LYLAS! 
Thanks Mom + Dad! I love you, JEFF 
:— You're the best! 

Chad Hoover 

You are sooo . . . 
Kill the weak Jill . . . 
Kill em all John . . . 

Dorothy Hoover 

Well it's finally over! What else is 
there to say. Thanks Mom, Aunt, and 
Uncle. I love you. Chris, it's been real! 
Thanks RH, AO, CC, SH, BL, MZ, and 
everyone else! 

John Tyler Horn 

Stand firm in your refusal to remain 

conscious during algebra. In real life, 

there is no such thing as algebra. — 

Fran Leboxitz. 

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, 

and a comedy for those who think. — 

Jean De La Bruyere 

Class of '89 — sincerest thanks and 

best wishes. — JTH 

There is not great genius without a 

mixture of madness. — Aristotle 


Douglas A. Housman 

Truckin' down Shakedown St., Black 
Peter started throwin' stones at Al- 
thea who was on her way to a dark 
star behind the mountains of the moon 
on a Klington blast. Bertha gave me a 
box of rain with a wharf rat that told 
the greatest story ever told. 

Rebecca Howe 

Life and death are uncontrollable ev- 
erything else is up to you, there is still 
time to change the road you are on, if 
you choose not to decide you have 
made a choice. "Whatever you do, 
work at it with all your heart" (Col. 
3:23) — Son Village, Songs, Re- 
treats, AFS, Drama Club. Thanks 
Mom, Sarah, family, and friends. 

James M. Hughes 

"It's the end of the world as we know it 
(and I feel fine)" — REM 
Yes, it's finally under control (M and 
D). "Remember, I'm not just the Presi- 
dent, I'm also a client." O — the Im- 
mortal Sy Sperling. Famous last 
words Free Subs? I'm not in Band! 
"Blessings on him that first invented 
sleep!" — Cervantes B52 BABY 

Kristen Hurley 

"... don't lose heart. Though out- 
wardly we are wasting away, inwardly 
we are being renewed day-by-day. 
For our light and momentary troubles 
and achieving for us an eternal glory 
that out weighs them all." II Cor. 
Wapes, goin parkin with the family!? 
Pill, I love y'all esp. my family. 

Mellsa Hurley 

'Hope you find a lot of nice friends out 
there just remember there's a lot of 
bad and beware." #1 B-Buddie . . . 
Bozos Drip Top . . . Hey Gaga!!!! Con- 
gratulations Kim and Dave!!! Thanx 
Mom, Skip, Dad, and Crystal. Ha, Ha, 
John 3 more years!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally 
F.T.M. !!!!!!!! 

Stephen Hurley 

"It's better to be lucky than good ..." 
Thanks to all my friends and family and 
especially BC and HTM . . . 

Craig Hutchinson 

Alicia Marie lacomini 


— Whadda ya mean I don't have a 
quote, the picture speaks for itself. 

— Thanks for all your help Kev, you're 
the best . . . 


Angela laria 

Angie, V-Train 
Howdy do "OMDITR" "what's" "Up 
two streets, take a right" room, pits 
BTOP (out 1 1) ring. Love you always 
Boopa Slicky "only the good die 
young" "last kiss" "black dog" cou- 
ples Angels Charlie N.H. Can Cape 
Anna B. Sissy Shasta (twin) Suzie 
Dudy sun crazy nut thanks crew love 
ya Bye. 

Christopher Igo 

Adrienne lorio 

"One generation passeth away and 
another generation cometh; but the 
earth abideth forever . . . The sun also 
ariseth and the sun goeth down and 
hasteth to the place where he arose 


Robert Johnson 

Susan Johnson 

"Wait I never had a chance to love you 
..." Thanx to Mom, Dad & Ferret!! 
(thanx to the Calvi's) "You can tell her 
the truth but she'll never believe you" 
I'll love you forever Joey . . . 4/ 10 . . . 
Say it isn't so but it is! GOOD LUCK 
CLASS OF '89. 

Jennifer Keating 

Limited time! girls of the world — BK 
— jealousy — skinner — FNML "pic- 
tures" Melrose — No! LT AT MEX, 
ANT balcony — PR slide summer '87 
ctalls (PLKS) motorcycle — coon, 
thanks Heidi, Boot, LT JS NB JL PL 
CL! save the best for last: Kevin, start- 
ed at world's end — Ed's — UMASS 
"Privacy?, what's privacy?"/every- 
thing, thanks for it all!!/never forget. 



Laura R. Keating 

You have a magic carpet which will 
whizz you through the air to Spain or 
Maine or Africa if you just tell it where. 
The Mexican balcony LTAT friends 
forever. We come from Antigua mahn! 
BT broom EB — cocktails, NBHS?! 
geeks always! one day Boot! thanks 
for all the best times JK LT JS JW HS 
SS JB CC, Tom and Boot. I love you! 

Matthew O. Kirven 


Jessica E. Keyes 

Stacy FAF. Winnie the pooh. Hiiii Tiff. 
Tina + Neil 4-alwways, Chrissy stay 
happy. Lisa your a babe. Jill, Angle, 
Karen, Maureen, Eric, Mr. + Mrs. Mc- 
Kenna love you all. Hampton. Falls, 7- 
11 + Christy's route. Boinka, Sky- 
hawk. Laura you're gay. Summer of 
'87. Thanks Mom + Dad. 

Stacey Hope King 

"Blah Blah Blah . . . dadamama 
Weow! (Gang)" Cover me! Box-man! 
Moshi-moshi Kanko! Then what would 
fruit look like? WORTHLESS VOMI- 
TOUS MASS!! Hey! ... it echoes! FFF. 
Noot aneimoor. Coke with I ... e ... h 
... m ... u ... n! Me . . . and my shaaa- 
dow! AFS. Amnesty. Guess what!? 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Kazuko, Kelluar- 
gaku, wallyball friends, and those 
through thick, 'Rob', boxes and chick- 
en pox. 

Kazuko Kojima 

Kazuko Czu 
I wanna stay here more and more. 
Time goes so fast. My special tear in 
Hingham expires soon. It was great 
meeting you all. "KANPAI" to every- 
one I love. I'm always thinking of you. 

Kristin Ann Kruithoff 

"Happy are those who dream dreams 
and are willing to pay the price to 
make them come true". 
Especially RMF thanks for always be- 
ing there and to Mom and Dad for be- 
lieving in me. 

Kara Kulesza 

It's time to move on, but never forget 
all the memories we share. "The 
Gang" The best friends I've ever had: 
J.T., L.T., S.G., L.M., D.G., C.G., G.M., 
S.M., R.O., B.N., E.M., B.N., "I'm takin' 
my time but I'm movin' along" I love 
you Dave. Thanx Mom and Dad. I 
made it. 

Julie Kurr 

No, you guys cannot wear any of my 
clothes. Wish you did not babysit me. 
A and K you all imagined that night at 
Joy. Yes Am Chicago is in Illinois. 
Cleopatra and G.M. Shaws real pat- 
ties, my favorite! 11th chem. I'll miss 
you guys. Luv ya B. 


Jeremy LaCroix 

I may look like I have a lot of hair in this 
picture, but I'm not only the hair club 
president, I'm also a client! Hey how 
does a $10,000 patch sound? Special 
thanks to my parents. Good luck ev- 
erybody. Who was that guy anyway? 

Farzad Lahouti 

Pain + horrible days ended 11/14/ 
87 Fun, love, care + maturity started: 
owe it all to you. (CVC: luv U) "Watch 
out for back stabbers and two faces" 
Joubertous times: wasted dogs, buga, 
pipes, dufus brothers, Shroeders, Big 
'uns, Skipp + friends. Thanx Mom, 
Dad, tVlrs. Noble, Ruth, Roger. 
lAsheghe Vatan! 

Nicole Louise fAane Langlols 

I am rather like a mosquito in a nudist 
camp; I know what I ought to do, but I 
don't know where to begin. Frannie 
and Judy . . . THE CHEESE . . . muddin' 
. . . "stuff" . . . stuck on you, amoebas 
. . . the gutter . . . wallyball nights . . . 
Russia '89. To the funniest family and 
friends in the world: THANKS! 

Michael LaRocco 

I shall be telling this with a sigh some- 
where time and age hence Two Roads 
diverged in the woods and I — Took 
the road less traveled by and that 
made all the difference in the world. 
Thanks Mom & Dad. Night Rider, "Bud 
Hutt 86", Juice, — GD — You have 
delighted my soul . . . ! clingon Ha Ha 

Sarah Bridget Lash 

"Too low they build who build beneath 
the stars" — Edward Young Can I 
have a carrot? B & C. Canoeing. Colo- 
rado. Reggae Sunsplash '88 Front 
Steps. Whaaat? LAB. FBTT. Pete — 
forget it. Thanx for everything: BH, 
AMC, SRS, PH, JB, SB, AS, Mom, Dad, 
John, Aim, & Alby. 

Bonnie Lasky 

Bon-Bon, Bondalin, Buck, Cabbage 
Wherever you go, there you are. But 
... 6/17/88, Maxwell's — Nantas- 
ket, AFS: Pa., Va., Drama = N.Y.C. 
Dirty Dancing, Maine, Lloyd! Jim, 
Rocky Horror = Jokes over Virgins, H. 
O. D., deb-bitate, J.B.^!, V.C.R. Par- 
ties, T.M.N.T., Cowabunga, Ace T., 
S.A. Club, Chubba Wubba, W.Q.L., 
the glump mobie, the "mob", Bif, Doy 
Hickey, V.A.M. Shatieny Ganniemah, 
Have a nice . . . Thanx to everyone! 

Jon M. Ledwick 

"I love it when a plan comes together" 
K.S.C.H. Stratton Weekend, "Chad 
great parties". The Ramp, C.H. Cape 
Cod, WWF, Sandy Beach, "Kev what 
does the T stand for?" 1988 Soccer 
and Lacrosse K.S., C.H., P.L., Sully, 
C.H., SS, A.T. "We had a great time." 

Richard Ivan Roland Leek 

Rich, Riff, Rick, Siff 

— I think therefore I am over qualified 

— If all the world's a stage — I want 
better lighting. NYC -t- HHS DRAMA 
= H20 + FUN Grease '88 sweaters 
kick butt marillion. Thanx to all my 
friends Jokes over Virgins 



Edward J. Leonard 

"The Greek Warrior", Sully's Pose, 
Sandy Beach, Pink Floyd concert & 
SAT's next day, The Shadow, Quebec 
ski trip. 





^B ^jL 




James Levenson 

It's O.K. to live life on the edge, just be 
careful you don't fall off. D.K. 

Christopher Lincoln 

Thanks I had a real blast, ha. how low 
can you go. Hay bar headed our way. 
Jack, Fitz, Towie, Bordy, and Shaky 
Parnell. Chris + Ronna. Good times 
we've had and good times we have 
lost, along the way everyone remem- 
bers us as we pass away. 

Kevin Alan Lincoln 

Success is failure turned inside out, 
the silver tint of the clouds of doubt. 
And you never can tell how close you 
are. It may be near when it seems afar. 
So, stick to the fight when you're har- 
dest hit. It's when things go wrong that 
you mustn't quit. Thanks B.R., A. I., 
tvl.B., M.S. 

Stephen Gordon Lindell 

Stevie the Worker 
"I see life like a mirror. I see life so 
much clearer. We move so quickly, 
who knows where the time goes? 
Where does this road lead? No one 
knows. Listen to the single heart beat- 
ing. Rhythm for an ever-changing 

Lauren Loughman 

I'll see you again — When the stars 
fall from the sky. Becky, Lisi, Kerin, 
Chris, Katie, Jill, Hurp, Stoner, N/lel, 
Harry, Rob, Jeanne, Coup, Gremlin -f 
the umpa lumpa! Thanks Cece + Kier 
for all that you've given + done for me 
+ for whatever your planning on giv- 
ing + doing for me! 

Peter Loveless 

Had so much fun last year decided to 
come back again. Thanx Jenn for al- 
ways being there. You can always get 
what you want, but if you try sometime, 
you might just find you got what you 

Linnea Marie Lundin 


Hope for the future. Don't dwell in the 
past. Live in the present and make to- 
day last. Pray for tomorrow. Let your 
life live on. Hope for the future 'Cause 
yesterday's gone! L.R., H.C., A.M., 
K.H. — Party favors. Yes he is! Im- 
pruv, Thanx Mom, Dad, Gretch, & 


Steven Andrew MacDonald 

"Standing at the Crossroads, trying to 
read the sign to tell me which way I 
should go to find the answer. And all 
the time I know plant your love and let 
it grow" E.G. 

Catherine J. Malone 

"We may lose and we may win, though 
we may never be here again." — Ea- 
gles, 6-24-88, ... Did I see stars!, July 
4 "Ralph", Keny: Juicy + Yogi, Sum- 
mer '88, 7-5 H.O., "American Pie", 
S.S., S.L., J.D., M.H., Jeannie, Til, De- 
vin, Derik, Mom, Dad, I love you all! 
"Good Luck to all my friends and 

Lori MacKenzie 

"He hath delivered my soul in peace 
from the battle that was against me; 
for there were many with me" 

Thanks KG, LG, KH, CC, JT, CI, TF, 
IVIB. Thanks Pimentel family. ILY! San- 
dra T & Sue P. — You're the best & I 
love you both! Trace, thanks for being 
the best sister & friend! Love you too 
Mom!! Scott — words cannot express 
how I feel for you . . . thank you for 
everything. Love you very much. 
Thanks HHS and thanks Mr. T.! 

Robin E. McKenzie 

meeyay, mau-mau, shh she's asleep, 
JM, FIBER, Who's "carrying?", 
SYMS, Neek-o, who brought the 
duck? sa m'est egal, Muddin', USSR 
'89, CZU, landfill, monopoly, S.B. and 
some bought none. Thanx Mr. B -f H. 
Thanks to the amoebas das night the 
amoebas, MP and Josh. And we'll be 
back — Donahue 

Renee l\/lac IVIurray 

Well, can you believe it, we've been 
graduated. Now we're headed into the 
REAL world, everyone going their sep- 
arate ways, but we'll always remem- 
ber the good times at: The Pits, Jim's 
Garage, Baker's Hill, Bel Air, New 
Hampshire, and all the house parties. 
P.S. "I am too clueless." Thanks Mom 
& Dad 

Carey Cromer Marden 

As Jefferson is known to say "A little 
bit of uh huh and a whole lot of Oh 
Yeah." Zat is not my Dowg. Are we the 
same person or what? Star Market. 
Radio Free . . . Boxman! Ditissue 
fisch. Look at the clock. Pacts. 
new frontier . . . Thank You all . . . 

David M. Mayer 

Finally I understand the feeling of a 
few ashes and diamonds foe and 
friend we were all equal in the end. 
"Expose yourself to your deepest 
fear. After that, fear has no power . . . 
you ARE free." — James Douglas 
Morrison — Jim Morrison, Jimi Hen- 
drix, and John Lennon: forever is our 
hearts. The Grateful Dead: The Great- 
est Story Ever Told. BONO BLESS. 

Jennifer Mayhew 

Congratulations everyone!! And have 
a great time for the rest of your life. 
L.U Mike! — Hawaii '88 Let's do it 
again E.A. — Kathy, Missy, Elena, 
Yaz, Renee & Glowyn Thanks guys, I'll 
miss you! Thanks Mom, I L.U. 



Colin McAdams 

"I'm gonna leave this Broken down 
Palace, on my hands and my knees I 
will Roll ... In a bed, by the waterside I 
will lay my head, listen to the river sing 
sweet songs to rock my soul . . . You 
gave all you had, but you want to give 
more, the more that you give the more 
it will take. Rainbows end down that 
highway where ocean breezes blow 
. . . The Compass always points to 
Terrapin" — Grateful Dead — 

Matthew McCourt 

"How about going back to sleep for a 
few minutes and forgetting all this non- 

Michael McCann 

Michael McCarthy 

Don't let anyone tell you that "it's not 
whether you win or lose but how you 
play the game" because they're lying. 
If you play your best, you can never 
lose. See you all later. 

Eric McCracken 

Don't live in the past 
live for the future. 
If you have a dream, use 
the mistakes from the past 
as stepping-stones to success. 

Douglas Christian McDonald 

"Slow down you move too fast, you've 
got to make these memories last." 
Thanks everyone JB, BF's, BWU, TM, 
CF^ KM, MC^ SK, RM, KK, NL, and all 
the other fellas. A man finally gets out 
of high school — What do you do? I 
made it Mom and Dad. "Stuff" 

Jill Geneviene McDonough 

At the shrine of friends Don't say 
"Good bye" here's to you and here's 
to me. Bards; Jen; Hawls; Miss; Jer; 
YS; KH; BO; LL; JM^ PK; JJ; GL; SH; 
JH; JK; SP; EA; Rm, Amigos Siempre! 
"pupcon", "How did I get this 
bruise?", "Beefs", "The pool", 
Espaf^a 87, "Ohh fetid" Thanks Mum 
+ Dad! 

Fred McGovern 


Kerry Anne McGovern 

"You run and you run to catch up with 
the sun but it's sinking. Racing around 
to come up behind you again. The sun 
is the same in a relative way but you're 
older. Shorter of breath and, one day 
closer to death." BLESS BM HJ CP 
ML SS puonv, Lotsa string, The F 
Truck, Normal People, re-re + The G 
Mobile. TX M + D. 

Stacy Ann McKenna 

"Friends are forever and without them 
life would have no meaning." J.O., 
E.P., T.C., L.M., T.R., L.G., J.H., M.C., 
T.W., J.S., J.B., and Mom + Dad; I 
love you all and never could have 
made it w/o you. May 28, 1986. Pitts; 
Tony's house. March 28, 1988/Jessi- 
ca I love ya. B.F. Forever. 

Isaac Jefferson Mckenzie 

The future reveals itself to no man. 
The power of foresight embraces not 
the human race. The only thing about 
tomorrow that we can be sure of is 
how to spell it. 

Kathleen Anne McManus 

Kyad, Kyaddie, Mc 
Cheer up; Schlumper's deadlines; 
aardvarks; K-wacka?!; Snabie! '88 — 
"You're such a treat!"; junior prom 
"88; the 20-hour date: "not the bright- 
est kid . . . "; Shed; yikes; Espana '88: 
Loyola Academy, Screwdrivers, 
Sandbar, sangria-parties; "I'm so ex- 
cited!"; A great life begins with a 
great family: M + D, PMJPB — 
Thanks and Best of Luck to Caa, Jeff, 
Dani, AC, JK, MC, TE, DM, DD. 

Ian A. McRae 

Hey Mike guess what?! Nothing 
here means anything. Hi20 + Nye = 
Dead freshmen. "I'm not a satanist, 
Much." Jokes over Virgins. JOLT! Sid 
Lives! Earth = Mostly Harmless. 

Mark Melllsh 

Sarah Beth Moran 

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combina- 
tions/Choral Spectrum Rules/Thanks 
Higgy — Drama Club — Dr. Cappers 
— and HHS for a lot of great begin- 
nings/"The only God worth believing 
in is the dancing God." Nietzsche/ 
What would I have ever done without 
Ben?/Good Luck, class of '89! 

Laura Morey 

Susan, Thanks for being there!, K.K., 
J.T., L.T., L.L., A.M., S.M., G.M., E.M., 
B.N., C.G., D.G., J.L., "Mona", O.B., 
J.O., Runaway, Humarock: "Which 
one?" Vincents: Dirty Dancing, "Whi- 
tesnake!". Summer nights, Def Lep- 
pard, AC. DC, Florida. You guys are 
Wild + Crazy!!! Great times I'll never 


Allison Elizabeth Mullane 

"Always be someone people wi 
need" Marilyn Madonna Margaret — 
Whatever road you choose, I'm right 
behind you, win or lose ... I Love You, 
MY SISTERS AND ME Love you too, 
Timmyl Good Luck Class Of 89! 

Joylynn Murphy 

Joshua Daniel Myerov 

Josh, William Least Heat Moon 
I am glad I did it, partly because it was 
well worth it, and chiefly because I 
shall never have to do it again. Happi- 
ness is a Warm Gun . . . Lennon Lives 

. . Hippie Music . . . The adventures 
of Ghost Dancing . . . For Freeeeee 

. . Thanks Mom and Dad. 

John Drew Mullin 

"We the willing, led by the unknowing 
are doing the impossible for the un- 

My Music — "Flight of Earls", "Inter- 
national Lover", and "Blister in the 
Sun" Had Fun — "Monkey Bar", 
"playing tennis", and "playing B-bali" 
Thanx to — "wailyball" gang, the 
summer clique, Mr. Perry, and Char- 
lotte ("Slugger"), Steph, and Mom. 

Jonathon B. Mullin 

Hey Dudes! 
Aspen, Co. 
J. P. 
Deanne and Amy 

Nicole Amy Nelson 

"We only have a short stay before 
we're off and on our way. We have 
friends to meet, and friends to leave, 
so let's have fun and blow with the 
breeze." New Hampshire, Pits, Ba- 
kers, 3-B's, Jim's garage, B.B., D.K. I 
Love You Mom and Dad. 

Bridget A. Newell 

Good Luck Everyone! Thanx C.H., 
T.G., CM., and R.R, You've been the 
best of friends. Jim you're the great- 
est (I Love You.) And last but not least 
I can't forget my family: Mom, Michael, 
Dad, Marilyn. Love Ya! 

Danielle Jaqueline Ngo 

One moment In time is a lifetime of 
memories BC: Shave it! would I eval: 
Quebec and elevators; bowling; sum- 
mer tennis; ESP; Weird Dreams; Boat 
Party; New York: college games; 
Bumble bee, GNO? Mic — "Can I 
Sleep here? They're looking for me!" 
To my friends: Thanx for being there, 
esp. A.Y., K.M., J.F. who were always 


Alysia Norton 

Lockedog & Beckdog the adventure is 
not over yet. Lauren only you under- 
stand! The pool man did it! Chappy, 
Stratton, Woobie^ Witchring. Libs your 
the greatest! C.H., S.S., B.N., HP., 
K.C., J.H., B.H., L.D., E.G. Becky does 
it taste ok? 

Klare M. O'Keefe 

A person cannot truly love another un- 
til he learns to love himself . . . THANX 

Christine IVIary Norton 

We are not put on this earth, primarily, 
to see through one another but to see 
one another thru. All my love to my 
family and friends. Be happy, Sarah. 

Robert Noyes 

"Mr. Good Vibes" 

Amy Elizabeth O'Mara 

"We believe that the possibility of the 
future far exceeds the accomplish- 
ment of the past." 

— Thoreau 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and T. C.W., J.R., 
K.W., A. P., B.P., Good Luck Class Of 

James O'Neil 

Nothing left to do but smile, smile, 

Rebecca Ord 

Lockdog & Hickdog, we made it, 
WOOBIE and all. Heather "don't tell 
Lisi." Chappy '88, Girgie, Whatever, 
Honeysuckle face, Don't say the "J" 
word, isic, Nerual & ykceb. It Hurts. 
J.H., K.C., J.M., L.L., L.N., C.L., H.D. 

Amy Christine Orlando 

As you've always said I'll finally get 
out of here, and I've finally done it!!! 
To: L.K., B.T., H.P., C.P., R.H., D.H., 
S.H., M.P., and everyone else who I 
can't mention, especially my favorite- 
's!! K.M., J.D., & L.C. Anyway we're 


Christine Parlcer 

So many choices. I have just begun. 
So I started my long walk towards the 
sun. Great!! Hey, How long was your 
trip? Wanna croissant? Thanx every- 
one for helping me through this living 
Hell the past 12 years of my life — RZ 
RH I Love you all especially M & D. 

Brian E. Parnell 

"When Life Looks Like Easy Street 
There Is Danger at Your Door." Cling- 
On's "88-89" G.D. in Maine. "Sonny's 
Chevy, It's a "70" Impala f^an." See 
you much later H.H.S.!! 

Elizabeth Payton 

So many good times so many bad J.S., 
B.B., D.K., you're never forgotten but 
often missed. "Babs" and "D.B. 
Gilby" Luv you guys. To the Blake 
family, I thank you for helping me so 
much. To everyone else. Let the Good 
Times Roll! Skynard '88 Mom + Dad 
+ Kevin, I love you all. 

Elizabeth Marie Peleckis 

"There is no happiness for anyone at 
the expense of other people." Best of 
luck to all my friends — Thanks for 
always being there through the good 
times and the bad — Thanks Mom, 
Dad, & Joe 

Tina Pike 

Through the good times and through 
the bad times, no matter what hap- 
pened, we finally made it this time. 
Thanx to all my friends Mama, SV, DN, 
YOU Mom + DAD. Mama, remember 
Elaines and Teds. Mama, we've been 
through it all, but we will be friends 

Heather Pisinski 

"There is only one success — to be 
able to spend your life in your own 
way." Thanx Mom and Dad. 

Mary Ann Pilat 

Thank you to the family and friends I 
care so much about. You have taken 
me in out of the goodness of your 
hearts and put up with me through 
laughter and tears. 

Susan E. Pimentel 

"For long you line and high you fly, and 
smiles you'll give and tears you'll 
cry." So many memories, both good 
and bad. Thanks LM, DD, + all my 
friends. Love ya Gus. Love ya Court- 
ney. Thanks Mom and Dad, Pits, 3 
Musketeers, scoop mobile, summer 
"87" and many more. 


Alicia Christine Ponichtera 

Our memories will last a lifetime We'll 
take the best, forget the rest and 
someday we'll find That these are the 
best of times. NDA? M.C., Espana '88 
— A.C., J.K., K.M., Loyola Academy, 
Sand Bar, Sangria Parties, Bruce, C-l- 
u-e-l-e-s-s — , Hi Julie!, Garage Door, 
A.O., B.P., C.W., J.R., Scamp, Thanks 
Mom and Dad. 

Tiffany Reed 

Thanks Mom, Nana, and Gramps. 
"Friends are Forever!" S.M.J.K. 
(Hampton) T.C.J.H., E.P. "fire and 
rain", L.G.M.S., Lisa ABB, C.A. (Sis), 
J.S. (Feb '86'), G.H.S.S., A.P. Italy, 
S.W.K.W., soccer cheerleaders, C.K. 
"Worldsend", "Jr. Prom", Joe 
(Y.G.A.F.) "Late night talks",, S.C.R.S., T.M.M.M . . . 
.Thanks and Good Luck to everyone! 
Charlie, I'll never forget you! Charles 
"The only one." 




IVIichael Reed 

To achieve wisdom you must first ex- 
perience foolishness: Hockey "86- 
89", Loon Mt. — Colorado. Thanks 
Sue, I Love you. 

Brian Herbert Ray Jr. 

Congratulations fellow students of 
'89, we've made it! Just remember 
one thing, don't be afraid to take a 
chance. I did! P.S. You mean to tell me 
I haven't missed a day of school since 
fifth grade!! I MUST BE CRAZY! 

Kelly Ann Raymond 

Kel, Boo 
"As we hit the crossroads of life, we 
must decide which road to choose. 
We say so-long to our childhood 
friends; but not necessarily good- 
bye." Remember — "Oh My God", 
Band Trips "87 & 88", "Liono, snarf- 
snarf", "I beg to differ", my good 
friends Moe, Thank you Mom, DH, ET, 
CT, I love you all. 


Laura Catherine Reagan 

Life gets so confusing and hard to fig- 
ure out. I'm growing up so fast. What's 
it all about? I'm becoming a different 
person. Sometimes I wonder why? 
Sometimes it gets so scary and I want 
to run away. But I know things will fit 
together — somehow, some time, 
some day. — Thanks Mom, Dad, and 

Jennifer Ann Reppucci 

Life is what we make it, always has 
been, always will be. Just keep smil- 
AP, CF, AND THANKS Mom, Dad, Ali- 
son, and Kev. Good Luck Class of '89. 

Christopher G. Roberts 

Music wakes me Designer material 
fakes me The future has come, no- 
body knows I've been there. There's 
one person, this secret I share. 
Through schooling, I was the goal. 
Thank God, Mom + Dad, all teachers, 
A. A., M.R., and any other friends. Yo I 
made it. 


Stacy Roberts 

Thanks for helping me out in '88-89, 
Mr. MacLeod, Mrs. Smith in Guidance, 
Ms. Perelman, Mr. Lincoln, and Mrs. 
Leone. I love you Marc, Mom, Lee, 
Grandma, Libbi, and Jim. Julie and 
Chris, Keep in touch and Good Luck. 
Bye Peter S., Dave R., Jerry L., Mike 
W., Jim O., and Brian R. 

Brian Rourke 

John Robinson 

So what do you think? June 17, 1988 
was the turning point in my life. I will 
continue to reach for my simple dream 
in life. I will always remember my 
friends and Bonnie will always be a 
part of me. State Police, FBI, CIA . . . 
maybe? So watch it. Mom and Dad. 
We made it! 

ly/larianne Rogalsiti 

The happiest people are those who 
have no real reason for being so, but 
just are . . . Molly . . . That's so sad . . . 
Biwwy . . . Hey, we're going the wrong 
way . . . (MS) — The House . . . Hey 
Guys we've had a lot of fun . . . Matt 
thanks for everything . . . Love You: 
Mom, Dad, Peter, and Paul. 

Dave Rowe 

No, it's a little c. Pico '88 Don't be a 
dinosaur. Thanks to all my friends who 
helped me through high school: J.R., 
J.P.. CM., J.O., D.M., T.R., C.B. MOE. 
Grateful Dead 87-88. Most of all thanx 
Mom and Dad. U. Maine/Orono? Awk- 
ward Shock-Absorbing P_ Head. 

Kevin Rowe 

Hueletts, NY, Rec Room, Dock Colum- 
bus Day '87 '88 Concerts Skiing "You 
Live in a World of Illusion" "Where do 
we go now" "I'm just a teenage bron- 
kin' buck with a Pink carnation and a 
pickup truck" "It really was an acci- 
dent the glass was already broken" 
Reclinable Seats "I'm so serious" 

Reid Lawson Russell 

Russell Reid 
surfing, Mountain Climbing, (Exper- 
ience your dream on Mt. Washington) 
"Catch air, but never lose sight of the 

Peter N. Saich 

Time will work good and fast with 
those good times at last. Zildjian cym- 
bals "crash ride" . . . cruising hood- 
less Just getting something out of my 
car . . . Honest! Waste of Space Good 
Problems Once I Stayed awake all 
night, and I paid the price I have a 


Andres Pablo Salanova 

Whatever I write, whether it makes 
sense or it doesn't, it will only be 
meaningful to those who know me 
well; So: BAA, BAA 
Argentina, te quiero (pero puedo 
esperar) Thanks to everyone. 

Yasmin Gail Saleh 

"Let the good times Roll" Remember 
the Pits, Tony's, Baker's Hill, "We 
didn't even get PC'd" Fla '87, UB40. 
Maybe next weekend Nicole? Can I 
have a light — not Miller Light! Sunny 
Days, Skippin' School, hanging out 
be'in cool. Plans? Nicole! Scoop! Sen- 
ior Prom 87? Bahama Bound. Thanx 
for the memories N.B., M.B., R.M., 
E.A., D.D., J.B., J.H., B.B., J.S., J.M., 
C.L., C.B., K.S., J.B., Leve Senioritis 
"I'm as free as a Bird now" PARTY! 
Thanx M + D Luv ya. 6/4/89 

Kevin Sampson 

Thanks to All That Helped Me Through 

Good Times And Bad 

"Fun is Blasting Around 

Function is not Blowing it 

F2 is When It All Comes Together" 

Soccer: Europe '87, Coach 

Lax: Spring '87 

Stratton '88 Alps '98 

"Don't laugh at my car. 

Hey, Wher're my Hubcaps?!!" 


Julie Santacroce 


"We are the music makers. We are 

the dreamers of dreams." — Willy 

Wonka Thanx Mom and Dad. i luv u 


Susan Rebecca Sarni 

The only thing that makes life possible 
is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: 
not knowing what comes next. Can I 
have a carrot, "Let me tell you . . . , 
P.C. 4/29/88, B & C, Reggie Suns- 
plash '88, "Just Shut up". J.C, CM., 
S.L., L.G., B.H., AMC, AC, Mom, Dad, 
and Holly — Thanks for everything 

Matthew C. Schmid 

"Lewd did I live, & evil I did dwel" A.M. 
weiney roast Bigman, kiss my boys 
good night. Lynne I love you. What did 
he say? 

Gerald W. Scampoli Jr. 

Gerry, (Larry) 
You're free to do what you want to. 
Isaiah 53-5 Oh ... I hear you. Well 
good luck and Congratulations. 
Thanks to everyone. "What did he 
say?" To the tech drawing crew — 
Good luck. 

Ralph Schirmer 


Rachel Schreier 

Boot, Bootleg 
I don't really have much to say, I've 
been grounded all my life. — Probably 
— Waterville — the one I got away 
with — JK, LK, HS, JW Thanks for 
listening it really helped. — I finally 
made it, now when can I leave. — 
memories CH, You're something spe- 
cial. — Good Luck "89 

Mark Evald Semler 

Mom would be proud. M, K, C: Helped 
the most. Catch me on the beach in 
the '67 buggy. 

Courtney Shannon 

"I believe in the imagination. What I 
cannot see is infinitely more important 
than what I can see." "True happi- 
ness consists not in the multitude of 
friends. But in the worth and choice." 
Remember the Summer of '88 ... 
Yes? No? I DON'T KNOW! . . . FWAP 
. . . blinking lights . . . cards . . . 
Thanx for the experiences everybody. 

Kathleen Ann Shaw 

Only as high as We reach can We 

Only as far as We seek can We go. 
Only as deep as We look can We be. 
Only as much as We dream can We 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Harold, Eileen, 
John, Elizabeth, I LOVE You All . . . 
Also thanks to Kristine, Stacy, Laura, 
Nicki, + Elena. 


Alyssa Shelsy 

The easiest thing in the world to be is 
you. To AB & CW, you're really the 
best. Thank you to those at N & M for 
so many memories. — LM, LS, SB, 
GP. Long talks, firsts, and happy 
campers. Thanks to my wonderful 
"penpal" Mom and Dad, I love you. 

Duane Skelton 


Edward J. Sheridan 

"Always look on the bright side of 
life." "Oh my God" "Horrifying." 
"Monty P." "The Hogs." "I would" 
E.M.B. "the Hogs" "Sillywalks" 
"What the Hell, D.D. I Do!" "NO 
SLUGS" "Colorado '87" "Saranac 
'88" "Florida '87" "Schmitty + Beat- 
tie" "Stubba" "Wapes" "Heals" 
"Tom" E.P., M.D., J.L., J.B., Jen S., 
T.T., U.M. and C.C. "Keep in touch. 
Don't forget me, and Remember you 
only live once!" 

Tyra Elena Sherry 

"Your friend is your needs an- 
swered." You know who you are. I 
swear I've never seen this kid before 
in my life. Lee, UR the best despite 
hating CHUD and liking GooGoo Baby 
more than me. WG. I've always had a 
secret crush on you. Waking up to 
watch the sunrise. Spineless Wonder, 
twisted baseball player's arm JBT, 
how can you expect me to say it in just 
a few words — let alone, in a public 
yearbook? U2 I feel sick. 


Torun Hergot Smedseng 

Thanks to everybody who have been 

so nice to us exchange students. And 

a big thanks to AFS. 






Aaron Marshall Smith 

Kicken around on a piece of ground in 
my own home town. (P.D.) Q.C., 
Chevy, New Hampshire, Hockey, TUB, 
F.A., T.C., S.M., C.J., Good luck class 
of '89. 

George William Smith 

Geordie, Flash 
"Don't sweat the small stuff," "Playin' 
hoop tonight?" E.G., R.G., Stores, 
V.H., The Who, "Let the good times 
roll," "We're not laughing with you, we 
are laughing at you." "Ya might," 
Thanks to all. 

Heidi S. Smith 

The Waiting is the Hardest Part, T.P. 

— Girls of the World — The Wop — 
Khee Khee — DFCC — Pictures! — 
N.T. — Jealousy — Summer '87 — 
T.T.C. 86-87 — BK — Spaghetti and 
Onions!! — Bottlecaps — 4/29/88 
T.F.! — Florida '88 — 12/28/87 Paul 

— the closet — Waterville — Sr. 
Prom '88 — Soccer Cheerleading '88 

— Thanks for everything Keats, Wats, 
Stace, Spell, L-A, Cah, Boot, Sue, 
P.O., Mom and Dad. GOOD LUCK 
CLASS OF 1989!!! 


Leslie Smith 

Now there's nowhere to go but up ... I 
iv/7/ reach the sunshine . . . Al, AY, JL, 
AD, SL, LC, MF, CS, CL, "Corrigans", 
Ms. L., Mr. B., Mrs. H., Mom, Dad, Phil 
. . . you are the best, I love you . . . 
remember, life is "classic" 

Jennifer Susan Spellman 

Our memories of yesterday will last a 
lifetime. We'll take the best, forget the 
rest, and someday we'll find these are 
the best of times. Harbor '86 . . . 
"Wasted Time" . . . YEAH! 
Thanks and good luck to Leigh Ann + 
Susie, Tiff, Jen, Laura, Tom, and Soc. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Mark Stanton 

Jeffrey Stebbins 

Jeff, Stubba 
Give 'em a foot and they'll take a yard. 
A speck and they'll take an inch, 
'Cause when you take a poke at life. It 
always responds with a pinch. For life 
is like a sneaker. Bright and shiny and 
new. But when you look at it closely. 
You notice you just stepped in dog 



Jason Stella 

"Only the good die young!" (IRON 

Mark Stephens 

'Everyone lives and everyone dies." 

Lee Stinson 

"If you don't lean on anyone no one 
will ever let you down." What a pisserl 
Track. No Dom she meant at tennis. 
French. Him Muffy Syndrome: Kip, Biff 
I love you all! Maine. 63 ... 1 12. Noth- 
ing lasts forever. Jes'um meem. Dust 
in the Wind. He can gutten my berg 
brother/ sister. Never Again! 

Andrew D. Stonefield 

Now it's our turn, Don't Blow it! Thanks 
Mom and Dad. This is it! Cape Cod and 
everyone there, Chip, John, Leigh, 
Pete, Time? G-Block. Lax, "Stony" 
Volleyball Boys, Rog, Pink, Hey Dixi! 
Eat to Die! Who? left, left, LEFT! O — 
Tolerance, Hard Core. Earth. 12 
youths. Later! 

Christopher Sugrue 

You see most people think/Great God 
will come from the sky/Take away ev- 
erything and make /everybody be high 
but if you /know what life is worth/ 
you'll find yours right here /on Earth. 

Kevin Sullivan 

Thou art a strange fellow. As matter 
stand now we are in a little better posi- 
tion than the guest of Bolgoas. 
Ay, every inch a king! (K, L). 

Lara Sullivan 

We are finally free 
Out to discover who we can be 
We learned how to lead 
From which we do not fear. 
Believe it or not we will succeed 
Though each day will be a trial 
So long friends, teachers, acquaint- 
And thanks 

Especially MC, SC, MS, KD, KR, SD, 

Stacey Anne Sullivan 

Never give up, never give in, you can 
conquer, you can win, CH, KS, HS, KW, 
CH, SA, LT, TR, JL, SS, ND, L/JK — 
"I'll never forget you guys!" Conn., Jr. 
Prom, "Hey dude," Joe, WA — Sum- 
mer '88, Lifeguarding, "shotgun," Chi- 
nese restaurants, track practices, siz- 
zled hair, P.S.S.O.M., soccer cheer- 
leaders, girl talks, OKEMO, "Fool in 
the Rain," Two totally different peo- 
ple, each one my best friend, Thanx 
Cara & Kath. Love you Mom & Dad! 


Stephen Sullivan 

To Be All That You Can Be, You Must 
Dream Of Being More. Thanks for the 
good times! Good Luck Class of '89! 

Derrick Matthew Swanson 

The corner lives 88. Hey Geeko who 
do you think you are, get out of here 
take another course . . . May the 
Schwartz be with you ... Go bakes in 
89 . . . J.S., G.H., E.S., J.M., we're out 
of here. 

Mallisa Ann Szabo 

"Always remember 1 thing . . . Don't 
worry about nothing because worry- 
ing's a waste of my TIME!" School 
was just Grand but now it's time to 
move on to bigger and better things. 
Nicki, Smed, Larry, Numbster, Spoof, 
Moni, Coc: Keep in touch! Have fun, 
Be happy, And never give up ANY- 

Laura Copeland Thaxter 

"It is not death that a man should fear, 
but he should fear never beginning to 
live." NY, AFS, Bus rides, Dan- 
ceathon. Skiing. Cherish the memo- 
ries, live the dreams. Thanks every- 
one for sharing tears and smiles. "The 
sky is burning, a sea of flames, though 
your world is changing, I will be the 
same." STAY GOLD. Thanks M, D, J, 
and everyone. 

John Theophilos 

The only way to have a friend is to be 
one — Emerson. Road trip with the 
Trojan Horse . . . Sandy Beach . . . 
Clapton . . . BudMud . . . Remember: 
Lead, Follow or Get the Hell out of the 
way! Good luck to the Class of '89! 

Kimberly Thorne 

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules 
the world." Thanks Ma, Dad, Dave, 
Lauri, and Friends. Love ya all. Good 
Luck class of 89. I LOVE YOU BABY 

Leigh-Ann Taylor 

"Move on through life and flow with 
the breeze what's for you never goes 
by you" . . . thumper, Harbor 86, pits 
aimless day, balcony singers, 
"You've Got A Friend." Thanks Jen & 
Laura, and you too, AM! Jen, Best 
Friends Forever! I love you Mom & 
Dad. Eric only 8 more years, and I'll 
love you forever!!!!! 

Andrew John Thornton 

No matter what you achieve in life, if 
you never quit you'll always have your 
self respect. FOOTBALL: back of bus, 
the sled, gericos. A.M.W.R., "We 
need more propane," "Hello is the Hit 
Man there," "the Caldorians, your Lo- 
cal Kawasaki dealer," . . . GOOD 






Joe Timulty 

To cheat oneself out of Love is ttie 
most terrible deception it is an eternal 
loss for which there is not Reparation 
either in time or eternity. 
— Kler Kagard 

Lynn Tompkins 

To all my friends both new, and old. 
We'll stay together as we grow old. 
GM, JL, KK, SG, LM, GG, DG, RO, EM, 
SM, BN, BN, VF, AA, BL, SF, BO, GR, 
SJ. I love you all! Thanks Mom and 
Dad. I love you Both. 

Jean Marie Toomey 

Well I'm taken my time, I'm just moven 
along. Just as THE GANG always did! 
Love to the best friend's I eva had: LT, 
KK, BN, SM, GM, RO, DG, SG, GG, LM, 
BN, BC, EM, AA, LP, SF, BO. I Finally 
made it Mom & Dad! Thanx to you 


John Toughey 

When I think back on all the crap I 
learned in High School, 
It's a wonder I can think at all. 
Though my lack of education hasn't 
hurt me none, 
I can read the writing on the wall. 

— P. Simon 

Don't it always seem to go. 

You don't know what you've got til its 


They paved paradise, put up a parking 


— J. Mitchell 

Michael Stephen Towie 

Mom and Dad thanks for everything. 
Deb I Love ya. 

Sleeping out for tickets. Dead shows 
#1, Trips to N.H., nature walks, wake 
up calls top down, clungon, swim 
Bordy, Fitz, Steve, Shaky Parnell, 
Link, Gerry, Waples, Til it's been real. 

Sandra Joy Turpie 

Turp Turpie 
Friends are friends forever if the 
Lord's the Lord of them. (Amber, 
Dean) Y.L. 87, 88. Colorado 87 Flor- 
ida 88, Saranac 88, LaVida 88. 
Thanks Mel, Claire, Katharine, Shar- 
on, Jeff, Mike, Scott, Dave, Greg. I 
LOVE YOU GUYS. Mom. Dad, and 
Scott: I couldn't have asked for better. 

Tommi Vahasilta 

I am an AFS student from Finland. I 
want to thank you all for this wonderful 
year I have had with you. I will never 
forget you. Tama on oilut yksi elamani 
suurimpia vuosia, mutta hetkeakaan 
en eparoi sanoessani etta paras maa 
maailmassa on ja tulee aina olemaan 

Stephanie Ann Valovic 

"Mighty few people think what they 
think they think." 

— Robert Henri 
"Do it again!" . . . Arrt + Pick-tunes 
. . . "Maximize your potential!" . . . Q- 
Men . . . Teeshu Feesh . . . Imperfect 
Symmetry . . . STUPID . . . Pen Parts 
+ Cactii . . . Happenin' Garlics Fro- 
lickin' . . . Phoneticists of the world — 
UNITE! . . . Thanks Mom, Dad and Lib 
(you breadhead!) 


Kathleen Anne Karen Walker 

"The Fat City Band" 
Thanks to the South Shore Conserva- 
tory of Music and Playing the flute. I 
Love JOE PORTER. Thanks Mom & 

Katharine Mercedes Waples 

Boogar "Wapes" Stoneher 
"Good friends we have, good friends 
we have lost along the way. On this 
great future you can't forget your 
past." (Dean, Amber) Dana I'm gonna 
miss ya keep in touch 1, 4, 2. Mike, 
Sandra, Troll, Eddie, + Fitz. M.V. 86, 
Fla. 85/86, Saranac 88. Thanx Lynne, 
Denise, Amy (Jersey) 

Michael Warden 

Don't Worry Beeeeeeee Happy 



( ) 

Jennifer Lynn Watson 

Jen, Wats 
Here's to the greatest time of my life i 
the best of friends I've shared it with 
— Jen, 1 1 years, so many memories — 
Heidi, Spell, Tony, Bug, Jay, & EVERY- 
ONE ELSE — thanks for everythin 
3 / 28 / 88 Jim & Bob — I'll never forgi 
you. I know we can make it. Good LucI 
Jon! Thanks Mom & Dad — I love yo 

Craig Webb 

"Let them bat so long as they fear." 
— B.R. "It is better to be destroyed 
and victorious than smiling and de- 
feated." — F.M. 

"We're Bad to the bone. . .at least for 
the first day." — B.R. Thanks Father, 
Mother. "Blah!" T.A. "I Want . . . " 
J.C. TBFU. Dashboard Gang. "The 
dopes" — T. & K.G. 


Kristine Ann White 

"God grant me the serenity to accept 
the things I cannot change, courage to 
change the things I can, And the wis- 
dom to know the difference." Thanks 
Scott (L.Y.A.F.) Thanks Jen, Kathy, 
Nicki, Tiff, Kim, Tricia, and Michael. I 
couldn't have asked for better! T.G., 
J.G., CM., J.L., S.S., L.D., A.O., C.C, 
Uncle Michael, "little sister," X-ess, 
Basketball Capts. '89, IRELAND '87, 
Quad Capts. Softball '88, Miami '87, 
BONS DAUQS, Good luck Jimmy and 
Jen, Thanks Mom and Dad. I Love you 

Michael White 

These are the seasons of Emotion 
And like the winds they rise and fall 

This is the wonder of devotion — 
I see the torch we all must hold. 

This is the mystery of the quotient — 
Upon us all a little Rain must fall. 

— The Rain Song — 

Leigh Kelsey Wightman 

Whitey, Mom, Leesie 
"... the thoughts of youth are Long, 1 
Long thoughts." — D.C. What about 
the pennies? Bonnies boat. Johns hot 
tomato. Could it be the Jolt Bon? Hold 
on to the memories . . . Bonnie, Jubes, 
Ken, Dom, Mark, Lisa, Tim, Lee, Scott, 
Mr. B, Dr. J, M & D and the class of 89! 
I love you all! 


Matthew Scott Wieman 

"No . . . Western Road. The way to the 


Stephen King 

Boris Wijkstrom 

The decisive question for man is: Is he 
related to something infinite or not? 
That is the telling question of life. — 
C.G. Jung 

Jennifer Williams 

Live life as it comes 
"Only the Good Die Young" 
I'll always remember Bob & Jim, 
Love you. 

First & last night — "Pits", "Bakers 


Best friends 4-ever Jen Watson. 
Mike — no more problems. 
I love you Mom, Heather, Amy. 
Keep in touch everyone — 
Love ya & miss ya. 

Barry Christopher Willis 

"The race is not always to the swift 
but to those who keep on running." 
Thanks Mom + Dad. Thanks Scott, 
Adam, Wayne, Mark, Kevin, Nicki — 
You're all I need. I love you. 

Cynthia Willis 

"The waves echo behind me . . . But 
there are more beaches to explore 
and more shells to find. This is only a 
beginning." — Anne Lindbergh . . . 
Hey Ame, we don't have to run any- 
more! . . . Good Luck Ame, A. P., B.P., 
J.R., everybody . . . Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Courtney + Russ. 

Scott Wilson 

"If the sun refused to shine ..." 
"When mountains crumble to the sea 

"And if the mountain should crumble 


disappear into the sea, not a tear, 

no not I." Thanks Kristine (L.Y.A.F.) 


you Mom and Dad, A. P., B.W., J.M., 

A.C., J.L., T.R. 

"Thank God for the Quad" "follow 

your Heart" 

Mark H. Wolpers 

"The futures uncertain and the end is 
always near." — Jim Morrison 
The Doors 
I love you Elena. 

There you go man think as cool as you 

Face piles 
and piles 
of trials 
with smiles 

It riles them to believe, that you per- 
ceive the web they weave, and keep 
on thinking Free. 


Audrey Youssef 

You only fail when you stop trying . . . 
Dying is easy — Living is hard. A. I., 
L.S., D.N., J.F., K.M., J.D., Mom and 
Dad, Kids (all 6). Stick jokes . . . ten- 
nis ... ping-pong . . . pictionary . . . 
bowling . . . jeopardy — I'm not indeci- 
sive, am I? 

Tilson Bennett 
Peter Johnson 
James St. Piere 
Melanie Fitzpatrick 
Tina Colby 

Camera Shy 

Stephen Brash 

Paul McDonald 

Rachelle Zwelgle 

David Qualey 


In Memoriam 

Dean Keeler 

Those we hold most dear never truly leave us. 

We all have our different journey's, 

We all were meant to learn something, 

But never meant to stay. 

Our destination is a place far greater than we know. 

For some, the journey's quicker, 

For some, the journey's slow. 

And when the journey finally ends 

We'll claim a great reward. 

And find everlasting peace. 




Girls' Cross-Country 

This year the girls' cross-country team fin- 
ished 4 and 3. Captains Cindy Willis and Christi- 
na Finlay are among the seniors leaving. Amy 
O'Mara and Nicole DellaVoIpe are also graduat- 
ing this year. Special thanks to Coach Joe Ryan. 

Top L R: A. O'Mara, J. Caldwell, K. Baumgarten, S. Margetts, N. DellaVoIpe. 

Bottom L R: J. Sanford, C. Willis — captain, J. Mckenzie, C. Finlay — captain, C. Leahy. 



Boys' Cross-Country 

Top L R: Coach Ryan, C. Madsen, A. Locke, A. Duff, J. I^icfiaels, 1^. Roper, D. Smitfi, J. Peleckis, M. Braiden. 
Bottom L R: J. Kababik, 1^. Taylor, B. Willis co-captain, S. l^/lacDonald co-captain, J. Bologna, B. Snyder. 



The boys' cross-country team finished 4 and 
3. Captains Barry Willis and Steve MacDonald 
are the only seniors leaving this year. It was a 
good season, and the team has a promising fu- 
ture ahead. Thanks Mr. Ryan! 


Field Hockey 


^ r 1 


fly)'' '^td 


.-^- n3 

^ m^B 

Jf- ^ V 

- --^^^^^ 


^^^ i 

The 1988 Hingham Field Hockey team led by 
senior co-captains Jen Spellman and Andrea Da- 
vies finished the season with a league record of 
7-2-6 and an overall record of 8-4-6. The team 
placed 2nd in the league qualifying for the state 
tournament. The following honors were awarded: 
Senior Jen Spellman and Junior Katie Costello 
all star players, and Senior Kathryn Waples, Ju- 
nior Lisa Doty all-league players. Many thanks to 
the perseverence and dedication the teams and 
the coaches displayed throughout the season. 

Junior Varsity Team: 

Top L R: A. Cortese, J. Goldsberry, M. Duggan, L. Welch, K. Campbell, L. MaoLean, S. Carr, C. Cullings, C. Ferretti, L. Doody, L. Schirmer, 
M. Blaustein. 

Bottom L R: K. Berry, T. Welch, P. Gilbert, T. Esser, P. Murphy, K. Carty, A. Carpenter, A. Godfrey, M. Gay. 


Varsity Team: 
Top L R: C. Kellisher, K. Antall, E. Colantonio, K. Costello, S. Baynes, M. Healy, J. McGeoghegan, N. Buba, S. Cook, H. Fisher, J. Davies, J. Kearney, L. Doty. 
Bottom L R: S. Heap, K. Hurley, N. Nelson, L. Gratta, J. Spellman, A. Davies, C. Falls, T. Cornell, K. Waples. 


Girls' Soccer 

The team went to the 
States, but lost in the 1st 
round of finals. The all-star 
team consisted of Claire 
Higgins, Leigh-Anne Taylor, 
Stacy Sullivan, Emily 
Greenlaw, Katie Delay, and 
Allison Taylor. 


Top L R: 8. Mortimer. M. Keohan, S. DeMaggio, K. McCann, B. Violandi, A. Taylor, K. Delay, E. Greenlaw, C. Mundenk, M. Stewart, K. Conway, Coach 

Bottom L R; S. Adiey, J. Watson, J. Williams, C. Higgins — captain, L. Taylor — captain, C. Harries, S. Sullivan, H. Smith. 


'Once you got it up keep it up Hingham' 



^' f$4 















Junior Varsity Team 

Thank you Coach Williams! 


Boys' Soccer 

A number of players were honored by the 
grants of various awards in the League. These 
included: Kevin Sampson, most valuable player, 
the Leadership award, and the Old Colony 
League Sportsmanship award; senior Reid Rus- 
sell, tvlost Improved Player award; Kevin Samp- 
son, Mike McCann, Adam Prime, Eric Chalmers, 
and Mike Veneto, OCL All-Star team. The varsity 
team also received the team OCL Sportsman- 
ship award. 


Varsity Team 

Top L R: Coach. L. Flates, M. Veneto, P. Goulden, J. Anderson, R. Russell, R. Gatnik, M. Kay, J. Thorpe, M. Brennan, D. Scipione, R. Stevens, A. Prime, Coach Farell 

Bottm L R: 8 Hughes, C. Krastin, M. McCann, J. Ledwick — co-captain, K. Sampson — co-captain, E. Chalmers, G. Winch. 


The 1988 Hingham Foot- 
ball season was led by tri- 
captains Ricky Cronin, 
Andy Thornton and Jim Le- 
vinson, these three unified 
the team and worked hard 
to try to defeat the larger 
and more powerful teams in 
the OCL. There were some 
very close games that we 
should have won, better 
luck next year. 

Varsity Football 



IP" f '^* ? 

- '^^w^ -..'•^'•■' 



ilir r** 

II Mi 



1 1_ ^ . 





w^ — 

... £ V 

2*: — 


b;rr^:-.- -:^:^^-! 




> ^ 

*V ^- ??*:;» V 



«■ 1 



Varsity Team: 

Back Row L R: Coach Schmedt, Coach Jewitt, Coach Trilson, Coach Viti and Coach Clapp. Second Row L R: S. Hayes, P. Ward, P. 
Leary, E. Leonard, Natt Winnie. Third Row L R: M. Lennon, M. Hickey. B. Higgins, D. Wexler, I. Griffiths, D. Brown. Fourth Row L R: E. 
Jerome, G. Pikarski, D. Cham, C. Lofgrin, U. Amonte, J. Hagan, G. Szabo. Fifth Row L R: D. Schrauth, R. Schewark, K. Estano, A. 
Barker, R. Kiesel, A. McKenna, S. Mansini. Sixth Row L R: M. Maddio, A. Jollin, M. Violandi, F. Derubeis, M. Ford, J. Beaulieu, D. Fahy, T. 
Routhieur. Seventh Row L R: P. Lucy, M. Loughlin, \A. Carnes, J. Charis. B. Porier, C. Campbell, M. Gainey, S. Dann. Second Row From 
Front L R: 1^. tvlellish, 1^. Wolpers, B. Falvey, 1^. Kay, A. Leary, D. Griffith, T. Vahasilito, K. Sullivan. Front Row L R; C. Igo, K. Doyle, A. 
Thornton. R. Cronin, J, Levinson, D. Carnes, J. Stebbins. 


'mm m 

' ^^>.#^' 




|[^K ^^V ^^H ^^^r "^^ * ^B ^B^ 



Football Cheerleading 





Varsity Team (top I to r) Coach Curran, B. Rioux. T. Murray, P. Carnes, J. Oldach, D. Stebbins, C. Weber, C. Cox, P. Cox, B. Raffetto, and also pictured below 
are seniors B. DiMartinis, M. Semler, and S. Flynn. 

The 1988 Golf team was led by captain 
Chris Cox. The team is losing seniors 
Mark Semler, Steve Flynn, John Oldach, 
and Brett DiMartinis. The team is looking 
forward to an even more promising sea- 
son in 1989. Special thanks to Coach Cur- 
ran and S.S.C.C. for the use of their 


Girls Track 

Members: L. Reagan, K. Shaw, S. Sullivan, N. DellaVoIpe, C. Finlay, J. Diercks, T. Smedseng. Top L R: Coach Pennell, S. Dillard, J. Mahoney, H. Kutch, C. 
Leahy, J. McKenzie, S. Cannon, B. Howe, M. Duggan, A. Bonneymann, S. Pierce, H. Cook. 

Captains: Christina Finlay, Coach Pennell, Nicole DellaVoIpe and Stacy 


The girls winter track team went 3 and 2 this year. They 
were led by captains Christina Finlay, Stacy Sullivan and 
Nicole DellaVolpe. With the help of some new freshmen and 
sophomores the team finished third in the O.C.L. The seniors 
that are also leaving this year are Kathy Shaw, Julie Diercks, 
Laura Reagan, Lee Stinson, Claire Higgins, and Sharon Ad- 
ley. This year the team was close and the seniors will miss 
the rest of the team. Best of luck to the team next year! 

Thanks for the memories! 


Boys Track 

Members: Top L R: B. Porter, M. Polefka, R. O'Shea, B. Snider, J. Messer, M. Roper, R. Kiessel, M. Goldberg, B. Sharp, Coach Herrmann. Bottom: L R: D. 
Griffith, R. Gronin, B. Willis — (Captain), A. Thornton, S. MacDonald — (Captain), B. Wijkstrom. 


The boys winter track team finished 
3 and 2. Captains Barry Willis and 
Steve MacDonald led the team to 
finish third in the league. Three team 
members won all star awards. They 
were Rick Cronin in the shot put and 
50 yard dash, Josh Messer in the 
hurdles, and Barry Willis in the mile. 
Overall was a strong showing for the 
boys team. 




Front Row: J. Anderson, M. Veneto, R. Canavan, C. Cox, Co-Captains — K. Doran, A. Smith, M. Reed, T. Vahasilta, F. Alexander, J. Willner Back 
Row: T. Griffin, T. Messina, C. Maguire, T. Ryan, G. Jarvis, R. Schuhwerk, T. Kennedy, P. McKenna, B. Rioux, M. Achille, J. Darling, B. 
Weightman, Coach G. Regan 

Front L to R: P. Ward, C. Oliviero, S. Wallace, P. Cox, B. McNulty, P. Oliviero, B. Davis, C. Willy, M. league, T. Locke, T. 
Donlon, T. Murray, missing S. Hayes Back L to R: G. Reagan, B. Hanson, J. Mullen, E. Ahlsted, P. Leary, L. lorio, B. Cox, 
B. Shelsy, B. Delgallo, A. Grosso, C. Smith, M. Anastos, T. Hughes, B. Murray, A. Vickery, J. Hagan, T. Ryan 

The 1988-89 Harbormen 
Hockey team coached by Garret 
Reagan has enjoyed a very 
encouraging season. At this 
point with three games 
remaining in the 20 game regular 
season, the Harbormen hold an 
11-5-1 record and are in a 
promising position for a state 
tournament birth, needing only 
one point in their remaining 
games. The team is captained 
by seniors Kevin Doran, Mike 
Reed and goalie Aaron Smith. 
Super sophomore forward Rob 
Canavan leads the team in 
scoring, while juniors Tim Griffin 
and Greg Jarvis have helped to 
produce a potent offensive 
attack. Reed, freshman 
defenseman Ricky Schuwerk, 
and Smith have contributed to 
the team's success with 
consistently strong defensive 




Top L R: L. Smith, S. Mortlin, M. Zaccardi, E. Osier, L. LaPlant, A Bonneyman, Coach Hennigan. Bottom L R: S. Maynard, D. Paulik, C. Montank, L. Tompkins. 


The Hingham High School Gymnastics Team has succeeded in completing 
another year filled with effort and team spirit. Our new coach, Tracy 
Hennigan, began the new season with a fresh approach and enthusiasm. 
Seniors Lynn Tompkins and Leslie Smith led the team strongly as captains 
for the second year in a row. Junior Maura Zaccardi and Sophomore Cory 
Mundhenk competed consistantly on all four events as the all-arounds 
throughout the season. Completing the team are junior Erin Osier and 
sophomores Sarah Maynard, Alison Bonnyman, Diana Paulik, Stephanie 
Jordan, Shannon Mortland, and Lynne LaPlante, all of whom contributed to 
the team with solid routines and strong support. Thank you Coach, Captains, 
and team members for another good season. 


Girls Basketball 

Members: Top L R: Coach Mortimer, S. Mortimer, H. DuCasse, L. Doty, T. Aylward, W. Hermann, M. Chisholm, S. Marguetts, C. Kovatch. Bottom L R: K. 
White — (co-captain), T. Griffith — (co-captain) 

Co-Captain Kristine White, Coach Mortimer, Trisha Griffith 

The girls basketball team was led by captains 

Kristine White and Trisha Griffith. Including the 

captains the five starters were senior Mandy 

Chisolm and Juniors Lisa Doty and Trisha 

Aylward. Other teammates who contributed 

off the bench were Senior: Heather DuCasse, 

Juniors: Cecily Kovatch, Stephanie Margetts, 

and Stacy Mortimer, Sophomores: Kim White, 

Tory Allen and Wendy Herman. The team did 

well this year by playing exciting, fast break 

games. We had a fun season, best of luck to 

the team next year. 



Boys Basketball 

Top Row (L-R) Coach Clinton, G. Deane, C. Campbell, M. Murphy, T. Gonnsalves, J. 
Mullin, M. Cotsonas, C. Krastin . . . Bottom Row (L-R) M. Carnes, P. Carnes, S. 
Sullivan, K. Sullivan, J. Bologna, S. Carpenter 

This year's basketball team 
would like to thank all our fans 
who supported us throughout 
the season. Even though our 
record was not as good as we 
hoped it would be. We did play 
some impressive games and 
never gave up. We would like to 
thank Coach Clinton, Coach 
Perry and Coach Mahos for 
believing in us, and the 
cheerleaders for their 
outstanding performances and 
support. Good luck to the 
departing seniors: Kevin 
Sullivan, Stephen Sullivan, Mike 
McCarthy, Gary Deane and John 
Mullin. Better luck to the team 
next year and congratulations to 
the all out effort of the team of 


Top Row (L-R) Coach Perry, M. Taylor, J. Fleming, j. Thorp, M. Hirtle, L. Binau, B, 
Carney, M. Madio, J. Watson . . . Bottom Row (L-R) J. Tessler, D. Scipione, B. CArnes, 
J. Kababik, T. Martin, J. Carpenter, K, Zia 


Hockey Cheerleaders 

Front Row: Captains: C. Norton, M. Canavan, J. Fish; Mascot H. Norton. Members Back Row L R: C. Flynn, A. Arkell, T. McColgan, M. Healey, 
B. Peleckis, D. Ngo, K. Kojima, A. Cronin, L. Wightman. 

Hey you! . . . wait until the 3rd period . . . our 

fan club . . . M.W . . . Red . . . A-C-T-l-O-N 

. . . Zamboni . . . Ed! . . . shoot! (2) . . . From 

the dlaphram . . . D-D-Doit . . . Didn't we 

already play at this rink? Bren-nan! . . . 

Weymouth North . . . What's the one that 

goes into Go! Ahuh!? . . . We do it this way 

in hockey. Busta . . . the hockey boys . . . 

the equipment bus . . . Hobomock ... Oh no 

— Chris lost her voice again! . . . The 

States '89 . . . Miagi . . . you say ready . . . 

Beth and Leighs banner . . . McDonald's 

trash . . . Thanks to all of the Hingham High 

School Varsity team's hard work, we were 

able to cheer them on a great season! 

Captains: C. Norton, M. Canavan, J. Fish. H. Norton — (Mascot) 


Basketball Cheerleaders 

Members: On top: S. Cusak. G. Johnson. K. Ramsey; Standing: A. Rancourl, C. O'Brien, H. Mooligan; Kneeling: M. Foley; Sitting: C. Carney, C. Buckley, K. Waldren; Lying: Captain G. Carroll. 

This season may not have been one of Hingham's best, but 
our teann worked hard and we're very proud of them. We had an 
excellent time cheering them on during so many of their close 
games. We as cheerleaders, started as strangers and ended as 
good friends. We all grew up a lot during this season and have 

many wonderful memories. We will never forget: The Cabbage 
Patch Kid, secret admirers, siiiisi.ioi? Special thanks to: Coach 
Clinton, Coach Perry and especially to our advisor Mrs. DeVito. 
Best of luck to next year's basketball cheerleaders and team. 



The 1988-1989 Hingham High Wrestling 

Team had a season of ups and downs, 

but came out on top with a winning 

record of 9-8-1. Although the team was 

plagued with injuries, loosing senior Tom 

Berry, Mark Stanton, Fred McGovern, 

and Garret Kletjian for different intervals 

throughout the season, the wrestlers 

came together under the leadership and 

experience of captains Peter DiMarino, 

Jeff McKenzie, Fred McGovern, and 

Mark Stanton. Along with the other 

returning varsity members and a new 

wrestler, the team finished very well in 

the tough Old Colony League. A note of 

congratulations goes out to Peter 

DiMarino, who recorded the most team 

points (104) and Joe Fulton, who 

recorded the team's quickest pin. A 

highlight of the year was the Sectional 

Tournament which was held at Hingham 

High School. Seventeen towns were 

represented in the tournament. 

Varsity: Coach Oliver, G. Kietian, J. Aprea, M. Tutkis, A. Whalen, T. Ruthier, J. Scully, N. Vakul, Z. Jones, 
Coach Barges. Bottom: A. Barker, M. Stanton (Capt.), F. McGovern (Capt.), P. DiMarino (Capt.), J. McKen- 
zie (Capt.), J. Fulton, B. Farmer. Missing: T. Berry. 

Captains: F. McGovern, M. Stanton, Coach Barges, 
J. Mckenzie, P. DiMarino 

Junior Varsity Team 



Girls' Softball 

The returning Seniors for the 1989 sea- 
son are captains Sharon Adiey, Tricia 
Griffith, Claire Higgins, and Kristine 
White; along with Melissa Bonsor, Karen 
Ferrini, Jen Reppucci, and Leigh Weight- 
man, Coach Mortimer and the team look 
forward to a promising season and hope 
to be a competitive force in the OCL. 


J. Kearney, D. Needham, G. Free, D. Buckstan 
Hadayia, Coach Hickey. 

M. Healy, P. Gilbert, W. Hearman, C. Falls, D. Pollack, M. Duggan, C. Keaveny, B. Lavey, C. 



T. Griffith, K. Wfiite, C. McCartfiy, J. Long, 
C. Higgins, S. Adiey, M. Brooks, L. 
Weigfitman, J. Reppucci, K. Ferrini, 1^. 
Bonsor. T. Allen, J. Welsfi, S. Baynes, 
Coach tulortimer. 



The 1988 baseball team had a successful season 
under Coach Green. The team expects to be a 
strong contender in the O.C.L. this year as it lost 
only four seniors from the 1988 team. With the ex- 
perience of returning seniors Rick Cronin, Andrew 
Thorton, Mike McCarthy, Dave Cummings, Jeff 
Stebblns, and Chris Igo, the team is sure to stand up 
against any competition that other teams may throw 
at them. This experience coupled with that of five 
returning underclassmen will most assuredly pro- 
vide a great season in 1989. 

Junior Varsity Team 

Varsity: (top I to r) Coach Green, M. Carnes, P. Carnes, A. Cutler, D. Cummings, J. Stebbins, C. Igo, R. Kissel, M. Veneto. (bottom I to r) R. Cronin, B. Herman, D. Ohman, J. Gilbert, J. Agostino, A. Thorton, M. Mc- 


Boys' Lacrosse 


Top L R: J. Fitzwilliams, J. LeStage, D. McGannon, J. McKeough, J. Ledwick — captain. M. Brazis, K. Linch, P. Hess, E. Leonard — captain, C. Clapp, E. Tate, Coach Schneider. 

Bottom L R: K. Sampson — captain, R. Falvey, D. Giarrusso, J. Doyle, J. Cassidy, M. Gargano, G. Jarvis. 

The 1988 Boys' Lacrosse Team worked 
hard but didn't have a very good season. The 
1989 team was unified under the leadership 
of the tri-captains Edward Leonard, Kevin 
Sampson, and John Ledwick. The tri-cap- 
tains hope that next year's season will find 
Hingham High Boys' Lacrosse leading the 
pack, and they extend their good wishes to 
their teammates. 



Top L R: S. Dann, D. LeMay, R. Stevens, R. Russell, G. Winch, T. Kennedy, D. Buxton, J. Hughes, W. Adams, S. Lindell, M. Freedy, J. O'Neil, J. 

Adamson, B. Cutler. 

2nd row L R: D. Rowe, A. Grille, M. Boomer, J. Mullin, T. McGowin, C. McAdams. B. Rioux. 

1st row L R; B. Porier, P. Cinquegrano, J. Mullen, A. Stonefield, A. Jollen, D. Debruin. 



Girls' Lacrosse 

The 1989 Girls' Lacrosse is looking forward to another successful season under Coach 
Williams. Captains Leigh Ann Taylor, Jen Watson and Bridget Newell along with returning 
Seniors; Elena Avila, Anne Marie Cronin, Beth Hodges, Jen Feeney, and Jen Williams will be 
sure to provide a solid foundation of experience from which the team is sure to thrive. The 
addition of seniors Jill McDonough, Renee MacMurray, Kathleen McManus, Sarah Lash, and 
Alicia Ponichtera will bring to the team depth needed to assure a winning season. 


Top L R: Coach Happ, K. Cortese, S. Heap, J. Goldsberry, K. Antall, K. Costello, A. Ponichtera, M. Pomeroy. K. McManus, A. Rancourt, S. Lash, 
Bottom L R; S. Cook, P. Murphy, C. Burrow, L. lorio, K. Berry, T. Welsh, L. Doody, C. Kovatch, J. McDonough. 

Myatt, C. Fahie, M. Mellcanion. 



Top L R: A. Taylor, A. Cronin, L. Taylor, K. Delay, J. Williams, J. Watson, N. Buba, K. Costello, L. Doty, E. Avila, Coach Williams. 

Bottom L R: J. Bradeen, E. Greenlaw, B. Hodges, K. Shultz, B. Carnes, L. Devin, B. Newell, A. Williams. 


Boys' Tennis 


Coach. C. Maguire, E. Chalmers, M. Toledano, J. Scipione, P. Spiegler, J. Sadaca, D. Scipione, C. Hoover. 


Junior Varsity 
L R: Coach Greenburg, M. Benard, J. Watson, B. Hurley, S. Freedman, T. Webber, Z. Jones, R. Maribell. 


Girls' Tennis 

Girls' Tennis Team: 

Top L R: Coach Sides, K. Malone, S. Same, A. Shelsy, J. Arena, J. Kurr, K. Knab, G. Borowski, L. 

Bottom L R: J. Gabriel, H. Smith, S. Blampeid, T. Anable, S. King, T. Mckenzie, L. Davis. 

Loughman, E. Ganduillo, J. DIMartinis, A. Sevetnick. 

Once again, last year's Varsity Tennis Team 
was a big success under the leadership of tri- 
captains Lavinia Davis, Sandra King and Allison 
Sevetnick. For the 4th year in a row, the team 
became the OCL League Champions with a 12-0 
record. They then went on to the states but lost 
in the quarter finals. 

Sarah Blampied and Heidi Smith have been 
elected co-captains for the upcoming season 
and this year's team looks very promising. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Sides for all her dedi- 
cation and hard work through the years. 


3S^ ;x<A. '^ss^^sssss 


Boys' Spring Track 


The 1989 Boys' Spring Track Team will be led 
by Captains Barry Willis and Steve MacDonald. 
The team is looking forward to another success- 
ful season. 


Girls' Spring Tracl^ 





^^iH^Hi^ r'''^^H 

\ , 





^1 1 



^(-.^ ^^^^^^^^^^ 

Jk.— ^ 


' ",.J!W" 

The Girls' Spring Track Team will be led 
by tri-captains Christina Finlay, Stacy 
Sullivan, and Nicole DellaVolpe. The team 
is anticipating another great season of 
tremendous athlete's and team spirit. 
Thank you Mr. Thompson and Mr. Herr- 
mann for four years of great memories. 

Top L R: S. Canon, J. Fish, K. Ferreti, N. DellaVolpe, J. Dierks, M. Pomeroy, L. Regan, L. Stinson, M. Zaccardi, L. Desilvia, S. Margetts, S. 
Sullivan, A. Sutton, K. Sheftel, J. Mckenzie. 

Bottom L R: Coach Thompson, B. Howe, K. Shaw, J. Cocio, C. Kovatch, T. Stein, M. Hewlett, L. Hansberry, C. Finlay, H. Kutch, Mr. Hermann. 






rr FfL 

' « 1^^ 






The editors of 1989; Andrea Davies, Nicole DellaVoIpe, Tom 
Berry, and Mark Semler sincerely hope that you enjoy this 
yearbook. It is the result of at least fifteen hours a week 
continuously since November. A great deal of work, laughter, and 
even a little arguing brought these people and this book together. 
Through "Grumpy Bears" and "Halo Jumpers", pig-tails and 
braids, Mother Goose and Jenny's brownies we made it!! Special 
thanks to our copy editor, Monica Clark, who did all of the typing 
and Mr. Tierney, whose guidance led us to the final masterpiece. 
Thanks also goes out to Stephanie Caracciolo, Carie Marden, 
and Allen Fisher, who contributed some of their prize photos, and 
the rest of the Yearbook Staff of 1988-1989. We appreciated 

your help. 

Back L-R: Mark Semler (Editor), Mr. Tierney (Advisor), Tom Berry (Editor); 
Front L-R: Nicole DellaVoIpe (Editor), Monica Clark (Copy Editor), Andrea 
Davies (Editor) 

Yearbook Staff 



Editors: Top L R: M. Corby, N. Blaustein, P. Giordano, A. Casciato. Bottom L 
R: I. McRae, A. Izer, K. Malone — (Editor-in-Chief), K. McManus, B. Peleckis. 

The Hingham High School Harborlight newspaper had a 
prosperous 1988-89 year. The two issues before Christmas 
Break and the two after were well put together and motivated 
student interest in various school topics, sports games, and 
"gossip." The newspapers' advisors Mrs. Anna Rehnquist and 
Mr. Charles Ozug generated students' interests throughout the 
year. This year's Editor-in-Chief Catherine Malone and News 
Editors Alison Iser, and Peter Giordano, Features Editors 
Kathleen McManus and Ian McRae, Sports Editors Michelle 
Corby and Nate Blaustein, Business Editors Amy Casciato and 
Beth Peleckis would all like to thank the various staff members 
for their innovative articles and insights. The Harborlight also 
raised $700 for the "Globe Santa Fund" through student, faculty 
and staff collections. 

Staff: Top L R: R. Russell, B. Budde, A. Leray, A. Iser, C. Malone, M. Corby, A. Turner, I. McRae, L. Kilmartin, P. Giordano, A. Casciato. Bottom L R: S. Jordan, S. Carr, 
J. Kurr, S. King, A. Yousseff, D. Ngo, S. Cusack, N. Blaustein, A. Sanocki, K. McManus, B. Peleckis. 


National Honor Society 

This year's National Honor Society began strongly 
under the leadership of Mr. Frank Tierney, Advisor. 
This year's officers are Cynthia Willis — (President), 
Laura Thaxter — (Vice President), Amy O'Mara — 
(Secretary), and Kathleen McManus — (Treasurer). 

The students had to undergo a selection process 
in which the faculty elected them. The selections 
were not only based upon academic standing, but 
also on outside activities and community service. 
The official induction ceremony on December 11th 
was a great success. Each member received a pin 
and certificate. 

The National Honor Society provides services in- 
cluding tutoring and possibly a program in which 
members will assist a new student in making the 
transition into Hingham High. The Group is very con- 
cerned in people's welfare. 

Officers: K. McManus — (Treasurer), L. Thaxter — (Vice President), C. Willis 
— (President); Missing A. O'Mara — (Secretary). 

Members: Bottom L R: H. DuCasse, S. Moran, K. McManus, C. Willis, P. Giordano, L. Smith, A. Youseff, D. 
Ngo, H. Smith, R. Shrier, L. Thaxter. Top L R: Mr. Tierney, M. Chung, J. Harris, M. Canavan, P. Hess, E. 
Leonard, A. Jan, A. Iser, S. Sullivan, J. Watson, B. Hallet and J. Diercks. Missing: F. Frary, Amy O'Mara 

1 f * *^± . ^i.*^ 


Junior Awards 

Bottom L R: L. Lundin, C. Marden, S. Moran, A. Iser, A. Youssef, L. Smith, J. Harris, B. Bennet, H. Smith, R. Schreier, L. Thaxter, H. Smith; Top L R: P. Hess, C. 
Willis, L. Reagan, M. Canavan, B. Hallet, S. Sullivan, A. Davies, M. McCarthy, C. Cox. 

In June 1988 members of the Hingham High School Junior Class were recipients of college book 
awards, plaques and certificates for their academic standing, service and leadership. 

Recipients Were: E. Bennett: Spanish Award L. 
Bonetzky: Drawing and Painting Award M. Bon- 
sor: Business Award M. Canavan: Manhatton- 
ville Book Award S. Carracciolo: Graphic Arts 
Award A. Casciato: Spanish Award M. Clark: 
Business Award G. Deane: Service Award A. 
Davies: Computer II Award H. DuCasse: Ser- 
vice Award C. Earl: Drawing and Painting 
Award L. Gratta: Business Award B. Hallett: 
Suffolk Book Award J. Harris: American Stud- 
ies Award, French Award P. Hess: Colby Book 
Award, American Studies Award A. laria: Busi- 
ness Award A. Iser: Mount Holyoke Book 
Award, Society of Women Engineers Award, 
French Award A. Jan: Renesseiaer Mathemat- 
ics Award, ASHME, CML, Pascal Awards. C. 

Lincoln: Industrial Arts Award L. Lundin: Home 
Ec Award R. MacMurray Drawing and Painting 
Award C. Marden: Ceramics Award M. McCar- 
thy: Latin (Magna cum laude) Award M. 
McCourt: Brown Book Award, NCTE I. McRae: 
Drawing and Painting Award S. Moran: Dart- 
mouth Book Award D. Ngo: NCTE Writing 
Award A. O'Mara: Latin (magna cum laude) 
Award J. O'Neil: Drawing and Painting Award 
B. Ray: Technical Drawing Award A. Salonova: 
French Award G. Scampoli: Technical Drawing 
Award R. Schreier: Society of Women Engi- 
neers' Award M. Semler: Ceramics Award H. 
Smith: Smith Book Award, French Award L. 
Smith: Lehigh Book Award, Balsun and Lomb 
Science Award, ASHME S. Sullivan: Latin 

(magna cum laude) Award L. Thaxter: Prince- 
ton Book Award M. Toledano: Latin (cum 
laude) Award M. White: MAML OLYMPIAD, 
NEML L. Wightman: Drawing and Painting 
Award C. Willis: Harvard Book Award, Society 
of Women Engineers' Award, Hingham Histori- 
cal Society Award, Latin Award, Spanish 

A. Youseff: Holy Cross Book Award, French 

National Honor Society Members: M. Canavan, 
M. Chung, J. Diercks, H. DuCasse, F. Frary, P. 
Giordano, S. Hallett, J. Harris, P. Hess, A. Iser, 
A. Jan, 


Spanish Club 

Members: J. Hanson, K. Cruz, M. Clark, M. Hewitt, P. Esser, B. Jan, B. Flynn, C. Barman, D. Needham, J. Young, J. Canavan, J. Georges, K. Klima, K. Howard, M. Gold- 
berg, M. Manning, S. Jordan, T. Martin, W. Herman, A. Goldberg, G. Morrison, J. Caldwell, B. Lavey, K. Knab, K. Cannon, K. Antall, L. Park, M. LeCam, N. Bakil, A. Pon- 
ichtera, A. Shelsy, A. Casciato, A. Salanova, A. Jan, B. Wijkstrom, C. Marden, C. Malone, C. Willis, F. Frary, H. Castejon, J. Fish, J. Costello, J. Diercks, J. Kurr, K. 
McManus, K. DeVito, L. Thaxter, M. Gannon, M. Canavan, M. Chung, M. Clark, P. Giordano, R. Flynn, S. Cleary. 

The Spanish Club has grown in size and participation this 
year. We have had many beneficial fund raisers which have 
helped enlarge our treasury. This year we have begun laying the 
groundwork for a future program whereby we will be helping the 
less fortunate in Central America. Mrs. Robison's primary goal is 
to send some of our funds to help build a school in Honduras. 
With the aid of officers Peter Giordano — (President); Rachel 
Flynn — (Vice President); Monica Clark — (Secretary); Matt 
Gannon — (Treasurer); Alicia Ponichtera — (Fundraiser); Andy 
Jan and Juniors: Glenn Morrison and Katie Knab, this dream will 
become a reality in the next few years. In the future we hope that 
newcoming Spanish Club members will continue to expand 
where we left off. 

Officers: Top L R: Mrs. Robison — Advisor, P. Giordano — (President), R. Flynn 
— (Vice President), A. Jan; Bottom L R: M. Gannon — (Treasurer), M. Clark — 
(Secretary), K. Knab, G. Morrison. 


student Council 

Members: P. Anable, M. Augur, T. Bailey, B. Bennett, T. Berry, S. Blampied, L. Blampied, J. Bosse, N. Buba, K. Cannon, H. Cook, A. Cronin, A. Davies, J. Davies, K. 
Delay, N. Delia Voipe, P. DIMarino, J. DIMartinis, H. DuCasse, T. Esser, B. Falvey, M. Goldberg, C. Gorham, M. Govan, D. Griffith, M. Healey, M. Healey, P. Hess, B. 
Hodges, K. Holleran, K. Hurley, L. lorio, S. Jordan, M. Kane, L. Keating, C. Kelliher, S. Knox, C. Kovatch, S. Lash, C. Lofgren, J. Mina, J. Mullin, R. Murray, C. Myatt, G. 
Norton, A. O'Mara, J. Parrillo, B. Peleckis, B. Porter, B. Raffetto, C. Roche, J. Samargedis, A. Sanocki, C. Savini, D. Schrauth, E. Shannon, A. Shelsy, B. Shelsy, H. 
Singleton, H. Smith, S. Spellman, L. Taylor, J. Theophilos, S. Vanderwil, S. Wallace, T. Weber, L. Weightman, C. Willis, M. Zaccardi. 

The HHS Student Council 1988-89 is under the leadership of 
Charlotte Gorham — President, Alyssa Shelsy — (Vice Presi- 
dent), Leigh-Ann Taylor — (Secretary), Cynthia Willis — (Trea- 
surer) and Mr. Low, Advisor. The entire Council consists of 
approximately fifteen representatives from each of the four 
classes. Every representative is a member of a Committee 
which meets once a week. The committees include: Communi- 
cations, Student Concerns, Student Activities, Fundraising and 
the Excellence Committee. Each of these committees is led by 
two chairpersons who work with the four officers to insure the 
sound functioning of the Council. 

One of the most predominant organizations in the School, 
Student Council is involved throughout the year in many diverse 
activities with the designated purpose of promoting school unity 
and spirit. Such activities include: Spirit Week, Pep Rallies, 
Winter Carnival and Spring Carnival. The Council is also involved 
in several Community Services such as the Thanksgiving Can 
Drive, Health Awareness Week and the adoption of a Haitian 
child, Harry, under the Foster Parents Plan. 

Officers: C. Gorham — (President), A. Shelsy — (Vice President), C. Willis — 
(Treasurer), Missing L. Taylor — (Secretary). 


French Club 

High School Years are the most treasured of them all. This years 
French Club added to these special moments. 

The French Club enables students to become more aware of the 
French culture. Members of this club organize a pizza and French 
movie each month for a time to get together and share a few 
laughs. Selling candy was the famous fundraising this year as well 
as in the past. The sales were a great success to the club's 
treasury which helps in various ways. 

The six super seniors included on this board were Michelle Hart, 
Kerry Cardan, Melanie Augur, Tom Berry, Gabrielle Carroll, and 
Anne Marie Cronin. Along with the advisors of Mrs. Flaherty and 
Ms. Dolebear. 

c'est une bonne annee: 

Board Members: M. Hart, G. Carroll, A. Cronin, M. Auger, J. Harris, K. Caro 
lyn, T. Berry. 

Club Members: M. Hart, K. Carolan, M. Augur, T. Berry, E. Chiu, G. Carroll, A. Cronin, L. Wightman, B. Peleckis, A. O'Mara, H. Fisher, M. Friedman, G. Bourden, M. 
Brooks, J. Harris, G. Davenport, D. Delise, P. DiMarino, K. Gibson, J. Free, S. Dillard, C. Lynch, R. Leek, A. Reve, A. Philippan, L. lorio, L. Laplane, S. Spear, K. Bar- 
tholomew, D. Rowe, L. Haddad, K. Holleron, C. Hadayia, B. Wallace, A. Yousseff, B. Wighman, M. Benard, P. Anable, J. Cocio, J. Marcus, G. McPherson, S. Mortland, 
A. Rancourt, B. Raffetto, C. O'Brien, B. Hurley, C. Gorham, R. McKenzie, O. Leek. 




Amnesty International 

Officers: L R: S. King — (President), J. Diercks — (Secretary), H. Cool<, L. 
Hansberry, S. Valovic — (Vice President), J. Fish — (Treasurer), C. Earl — 
(P.P.), J. Parrillo, R. McKenzie. Advisor: Mr. Ryan. 

Amnesty International is often known only through the 
promotional concerts and advertisements it produces. Many 
people have heard of Amnesty International yet few people know 
what Amnesty stands for. 

Amnesty International is a non-profit international organization 
devoted to the issue of human rights. It is not devoted to any 
political ideaology religion, sex, etc. It strictly maintains the 
opinion that all people are equal. 

Amnesty International has three main goals: To free all 
prisoners of conscience — anyone who has been arrested for 
non-violent actions; Ensure every persons basic human rights — 
freedom of speech, religion, political ideaology, etc.; and to end 
torture and the death penalty for all people regardless of the 
crime committed. Al accomplishes these goals by writing letters 
to a government on behalf of a prisoner of conscience. Letter 
writing and petitioning really does work because the government 
realizes that they are doing an injustice and doesn't want poor 

Amnesty International is determined to help with the release of 
prisoners of conscience throughout the world. 

Members: B. Brooks, D. Delese, B. Gardner, J. Hanson, J. Kirven, A. Lash, A. Lock, H. Singleton, E. Dassori, G. Harris, K. Holleram, S. Jordan, J. Kababik, L. 
LaPlante, S. Mortland, M. McCarthy-Egan, R. Tobey, P. Anable, K. Baumgarten, B. Budde, J. Caldwell, K. Gannon, S. Garpenter, S. Gook, J. DiMartines, B. Harris, M. 
Hurtle, L. Kilmartin, K. Knab, M. LeCam, J. Messer, G. Morrison, L. Park, J. Weber, K. Zia, J. Beaulieu, G. Garroll, A. Casciato, M. Ghung, L. Gordeiro, J. Gostello, D. 
DeBruin, K. DeVito, P. DiMarino, H. DuCasse, C. Falls, G. Finlay, M. Fitzpatrick, G. Flynn, P. Giordano, J. Harris, J. Horn, K. Kojima, N. Langlois, B. Laskey, R. Leek, G. 
Warden, D. McDonald, K. McManus, D. Ngo, C. Shannon, L. Thaxter. 


AFS Club 

The Hingham High School AFS Club enjoyed another year of 
excitement and adventure. The club's impressive 230 members 
make it the largest in New England. The club continued to support 
and encourage foreign students and exhanges. Many students 
from HHS are involved with these exchanges, some travel away 
and others travel to Hingham. AFS gives them support and wishes 
them the best of luck in their endeavors. 

AFS activities as usual were hilarious and unforgettable. This 
year's annual Dance-A-Thon raised money to fund the development 
of a library in Zimbabwe. The club also did their annual yard work at 
the Friends' Home on Turkey Hill. The thrills, spills, and chills of our 
ski trips are ones that cannot be forgotten (or recreated!) Every- 
thing that the club did was filled with both fun and adventure. 

AFS gave great memories and laughs to so many people. We 
could not have done it without our great officer board and our 
dedicated advisor, Miss Gillard. Thanks everyone. Remember ski- 
ing. International Weekend, chubby bunny, bus rides, Alcoa, and all 
of the excitement we shared. 

OFFICERS: B. Hallet, P. 
Thaxter, T. Webber. 

DiMarino, F. Frary, B. Laskey, L. Kilmartin, L. 

MEMBERS: P. DiMarino, L. Thaxter, B. Lasky, F. Frary, B. Hallett, E. Shannon, L. Bainu, M. Chisholm, K. Kojima, P. Psomxs, F. Ramella, T. Smedseng, T. Vahasilta, B. 
Brooks, E. Brown, K. Cannon, M. Carney, H. Cook, L. Daly, J. DeAgazio, K. Devin, S. Dillard, E. Freedman, B. Gardner, J. Jarzyna, S. Knap, A. Locke, J. Michaels, A. 
O'Brien, P. Salanova, J. Stepan, K. Sweeney, C. Tardanico, J. Tedeschi, M. Ventre, S. Wallace, D. Wallack, S. Barry, J. Bell, K. Berry, S. Beszterczev, M. Blaustein, 
K. Bray, C. Buckley, S. Cannon, C. Carney, A. Carpenter, S. Carr, K. Carty, E. Chessler, J. Cocio, J. Colhet, 8. Condon, H. Connors, M. Cotsonas, J. Crawford, A. 
Crowell, E. Dassori, J. Durgin, C. Fahie, C. Ferretti, B. Flynn, M. Frary, J. Free, M. Friedland, D. Gardner, J. Georges, T. Gervasi, P. Gilbert, M. Goldberg, L. Haddad, 
S. Hayes, K. Holleian, Z. Hollywood, K. Howard, B. Howe, N. Lehane, S. Jordan, J. Kababik, J. Kearney, B. Kelley, M. Keohan, K. Klima, H. Kutsch, J. Lano, L. La- 
Plante, O, Leek, J. Lester, T. Martin, C. Matson, S. Maynard, M. McCarthy-Egan, J. McKenzie, S. Mills, D. Myatt, D. Needham, L. Ngo, C. O'Brien, D. O'Brien, D. Pau- 
Ilk, K. Pini, M. Pridham, A. Rancourt, K. Reimold, P. Richards, J. Samargedelis, J. Sanford, A. Sutton, B. Vesery, P. Wallisuto, T. Weber, V. White, B. Wightman, J. 
Young, B. Zweigle, P. Anable, J. Aprea, K. Baumgarten, M. Benard, J. Bosse, B. Budde, K. Cannon, B. Carney, E. Chiu, C. Cortese, C. Costello, S. Cusack, J. 
DiMartinis, E. Gandullia, A. Goldberg, M. Goldsmith, G. Gregorire, D. Griffith, L. Hansberry, S. Hardy, S. Howe, C. Hewlett, G. Hren, K. Jenkins, M. Kaye, J. Keegan, L. 
Kilmartin, G. Kletjian, K. Knab, C. Kovatch, A. Leary, M. LeCam, C. Lynch, A. MacDonald, A. Macedo, S. Margetts, D. McFadd, M. Meldonian, J. Messer, G. Morrison, 
R. Muller, D. O'Connor, E. Osier, J. Parillo, L. Park, K. Ramsey, A. Sanocki, D. Scipione, M. Spannagel, M. Taylor, B. Torrey, Members: G. Trudell, A. Turner, N. Vakil, 
J. Weber, D. Williams, R. Avila, N. Baker, T. Berry, L. Bitner, N. Blaustein, M. Bonsor, T. Carpenter, G. Carroll, M. Chung, S. Cleary, L. Cordeiro, J. Costello, D. De- 
Bruein, S. Derbyshire, K. DeVito, J. Diercks, K. Dresser, H. DuCasse, C. Earl, C. Falls, J. Fish, C. Flynn, R. Flynn. 


Greater Boston Student 
Advisory Council 

Craig Webb, Alyssa Shelsy — (Missing from Picture) 

The Greater Boston Student Advisory Council's main objective is to represent 
the student body to the state Board of Education. They meet with various task 
boards and write letters of approval or disapproval to laws which pertain to our 
educational system. The many projects taken on by this group include an Amend- 
ment which bypasses the (Supreme Hazel Wood Court Case), which gives Mass. 
the option of anti-censorship and are in the process of pushing through search 
and seizure laws and Student-Teacher Confidentiality Laws. 


International Students Club 

Members: Lars Binau, Kozuko Kojima, Hugo Castegon, Francesco Ramello, Tommi Vahasilta, Torun Smedseng. Missing from 
photo: Mandy Chisholm, Pam Wallisuta, Karen Cruz, Boris Wijl<strom, Jorge Dehes Casas 

Every year the International Students Club earns money to take trips to another part of the United 
States. Many know of their most popular fundraiser — Selling candy bars. Mr. Nionakis and Mrs. 
Gustafson are the club's advisors and try to assimilate the foreign exchange students into Hingham 
High School. This year's club has visited Cambridge and plans to visit New York. The exchange 
students form a bond of friendship due to the fact that they're away from home, in a foreign culture. 



In its second year at Hingham High the Students Against 
Driving Drunk Chapter has had a very productive year. Member- 
ship and participation in the Club's activities are greatly in- 
creasing. The positions of chairpeople this year are held by 
Beth Hodges, Kathleen McManus, Sarah Lash, Anne Marie Cro- 
nin and Alyssa Shelsey who are assisted by faculty advisor 
Peter Bailey. This year the Group has worked very hard to 
organize the production of "Eddie was Here." The play, taking 
place on February 27, is aimed at providing education about 
alcohol abuse to student and families in the community. This 
project has required a great deal of time and effort from all of its 
members to raise the adequate funds to cover production costs. 
Although the club is relatively new to Hingham High it is becom- 
ing well established and growing under the direction of Mr. 

SADD OFFICERS B. Hodges, A. Shelsy, A. Cronin, K. McManus; Missing S. 

Members: A. laria, M. Corby, K. DeVito, A. Ponichtera, J. Kerr, J. Campbell, L. Morey, M. Hart, M. Fitzpatrick, L. Wightman, K. Carylon, R. Russell, N. Blaustein, A. 
Grillo, J. MacKenzie. A. Davies, J. Costello, M. Cham, K. Buckley, N. Langlois, C. Flynn, M. Chung, H. Cole, H. DuCasse, A. Stonefield, C. Adams, J. Diercks, A. 
Iser, J. Fish, S. King, G. Carroll, C. Norton, C. Caldwell, S. Flynn, T. Berry, S. Blampied, K. Knab, S. Cusack, J. Cooney, N. Buba, S. Murphy, K. Antall, C. Cortese, 
J. Keegan, C. Costello, K. Balcam, D. Carr, M. Roycroft, K. Emery, M. Flatley, L. Park, K. Cannon, M. Brooks, C. Roche, S. Caffety, J. Bosse, K. Ramsey, E. Shan- 
non, S. Dempsey, C. Berman, A. Lash. 


Sailing Team 

Sailing Members: T. Bailey, H. Cole, C. Harries, L. Norton, C. Hurley, D. McFadd, A. Sanocki. 


Math Team 

Members: Peter Giordano, Andy Jan, Farzad Lahouti, Ed Dauphinais, Kirk Dresser, Ed Chiu, Andrew Sanocki, Mike Friedman, Susannah 
Carr, Brian Jan, Doug Colclough, Amanda Sutton, Sarah Maynard, Lon Dinh Ngo, Warren Lynch, Dona Walloch, Adam Goldberg. 

The Math team . . . the most mysterious group in Hingham High. No one knows who we are, what we do, or 
where we go. People make fun of us because they're jealous of our extraordinary talent. Or maybe its 
because they have no Idea of our true motives. The fact is, they're just scared of us. They realize that with the 
help of Mr. Baisden we are almost unstopable. Some of the underclassmen have been brainwashed and 
sworn into our secret group. It wont be long before every student in the High school is a zombie servant to the 
Math Team. 



Select Wind Ensemble 


Symphonic Band 

Jazz Band 

The Hingham High School Concert Band has 
a reputation for excellence. It prides itself In its 
outstanding performance in concert and in 
competition. The members of this group commit 
themselves to excellence and work hard to 
fullfill this commitment. 

Being a member of the Hingham High School 
Concert Band is a big commitment. Rehearsals 
start a week before school does to ensure that 
there is a presentable Marching Band for the 
first football game. The music and drill steps 
must be constantly rehearsed to keep them at 
an acceptable level. The band is present and 
plays at all the home football games. They also 
serve as a cheering section for the Harbormen. 
In addition to the marching requirement, band 
members must help in the annual fruit sale to 
raise funds for their spring concert/competition 
trip. For the past two years, the concert band 
has completed and taken many of the top 
awards at music festivals in Canada. The 1989 
spring trip is to Washington, D.C. 

This year has seen a few changes in the 
band program at Hingham High. It felt the loss 
of an outstanding Band Director Mr. Jeffrey 
Browne who was replaced by Mr. Earl Harmon. 

Since the dawn of time the Hingham 
High School Jazz Band has been a 
dominant force in both the Southeast 
District and State Competitions. Last 
year in Toronto, we swept the 
competition, capturing Best Rhythm 
Section, Best Saxophone Section and 
Best Brass Section honors. Two 
Outstanding Soloist trophies were also 
given to graduate Chris Strone and 
senior alto sax player Jamie Hughes. 

This year, however, will go down in the 
archives as a transition year. We will be 
competing, thanks to the freshman 
population, in the top division, against 
bigger schools with bigger programs. 
Mr. Earl Harmon surely has many 
successful years in front of him, but the change this year 
has been anything but smooth. 

Next year's band will have major gaps due to the 
departure of the class of 1989's talented corps of 
musicians. Sax section leader Jamie Hughes; Trombone 
section leader, Bobby Johnson; Lead Trumpet, Kelly 
Raymond and Second trumpet Pete Hess are all headed 
for greener pastures, where tuning, whining and six hours 
of rehearsal a week are unheard of. 

iand Officers Top L R: A. Sanocki, M. Canavan, C. Flynn, B. Johnson, R. McKenzie, 
> King, J. Fish, J. Parrillo. Bottom L R: P. Hess, D. McDonald, J. Hughes, K. 
Raymond, B. Blaire, J. Pimentel, L. Sullivan. 



The Hingham High School Chorus is 
under the direction of Dr. Paul Cappers 
for the second year in a row, and 
they're only getting better. This year, 
they performed at least three concerts 
for the public. This spring the mixed 
chorus is competing against a large 
number of groups from all across the 
nation at a festival in Washington, D.C. 
A grinder sale and a "Parent's Prom" 
were used as fund raisers for the trip. 
The entire chorus would like to wish 
the class of 1989 luck in the years to 
come, and thank you for your help and 

Choral Spectrum 

The Choral Spectrum is an elite sing- 
ing group that was founded last year by 
Dr. Paul Cappers. The group has per- 
formed at numerous concerts, includ- 
ing the Tri-County Choral Festival. The 
Spectrum will also be going to Wash- 
ington D.C. this spring to compete with 
Madrigal Choirs from across the coun- 
try, even though Spectrum often does 
Show Choir material as well as madri- 
gals. The Choral Spectrum would like 
to thank the class of '89 for its enthusi- 
asm and wish everyone luck in the fu- 

Choral Spectrum Members 


Debate Team 

Members: H. DuCasse, N. Vakil, S. Clearly, S. Howe, A. Sanocki, M. Larecy, M. Benard, A. Salamova, T. Wallack, M. Friedman, G. 
Gregoire, G. Hussey, C. Anderson, J. Finn, J. Parrillo, T. Larecy, J. Beaulleu, J. Harris, B. Budde. 

Lexington High, B.C. High, no problem for the Hingham High Debate Team. The members meet with Mr. 
Haviland every Monday and Thursday to plan strategies. Due to the fact that this is the first year that the 
team has met they have not had any meets, but the dedication of the officers has established a strong team 
which in future years will not back down to larger teams. The Officers are Heather DuCasse — (President), 
Nakul Vakil — (Vice President), Sarah Cleary — (Secretary), Sarah Howe — (Treasurer); they have spent 
time debating such controversial issues as Abortion, the Death Penalty and Search and Seizure in Public 
Schools. The members learn a valuable lesson by discovering both sides of an issue and bringing that to the 
topic. Come on Hingham High come out and support your local Debate Team. 


Volunteer Group 


The Volunteer Group was co-founded this year by Jennifer Fish 
and Danielle Ngo. Mrs. Flaherty, the faculty advisor, has been an 
inspiration to students by exemplifying her personal commitment 
to volunteerism. The club's main objective is to reach out to 
those with unmet needs, including the sick, the homeless, and 
the elderly. Although still in its infancy the club has been very 
active. Volunteer members brought candy and balloons to Quincy 
City Hospital patients on Halloween. In addition to other 
activities, Jennifer Fish and Danielle Ngo have been involved in 
preparing and serving meals at Rosie's Place in Boston. Some 
members are involved with the Hingham Visiting Nurses' New 
Friends Program whereby they visit elderly persons in their 
homes once a week. Other members visit an elderly person once 
a week at the Deering Nursing Home in Hingham. Also, members 
of the club go to Cohasset Knoll Nursing Home every Friday for 
an hour to run Bingo and Blitz games. The Volunteer Club is made 
up of members from all classes at Hingham High School. 
Members have shown great committment and enthusiasm in 
helping others. The Volunteer Club is promising to be one of the 
most dynamic clubs at Hingham High. 

Mrs. Flaherty, J. Fish, D. Ngo, Mrs. Stoer. 

Volunteer Group Members: K. Bartholomew, M. Benard, K. Cannon, D. Carr, G. Carroll, E. Chlu, M. Chung, J. Cocio, A. Cronin, G. Davenport, D. Delise, J. Diercks, J. 
DiMartinis, H. DuCasse, J. Finn, J. Fish, H. Fisher, R. Flynn, J. Free, A. Goldberg, A. Goldberg, L. Grillo, L. Haddad, J. Hanson, K. Holleran, S. Howe, R. Howe, L. lorio, 
A. Iser, A. Jan, N. Langlois, R. McKenzie, D. Ngo, L. Ngo, L. Park, J. Parrillo, A. Phillippon, M. Pilot, P. Richards, A. Sanocki, H. Singleton, L. Tully, C. Willis, L. Wight- 
man, M. Zacardi. 


Class Officers 

Seniors: A. Davies, C. Norton, H. Smith, J. Theopholis. 

Juniors: D. Griffith, M. Healey, E. Shannon, A. Sanocki. 

Sophomores: D. Schrauth, J. Smogedulis, T. Webber, L. lorio. 

Freshman: S. Vanderweil, K. Cannon, S. Wallace, Spellman. 


Drama Club 


The Hingham High Drama Club is very well known; we have one of 
the best Drama Club's in the area. This year's Drama Club put on 
the Musical Grease in the fall, and has gone onto the next level for 
their production of the Danish Soap at the Festival Performance. 
The Highlight of every year for Drama Club members is the trip to 
New York; where they tour Broadway and New York. They earn the 
funds through Raffles and Ticket Sales. This years officers were 
T.D. Carpenter, Mike Kay, Brook Gracia, Liz Kilmartin, Greg Hren 
and Faith Frary. 

Officers: T. Carpenter, M. Benard, G. Hren, F. Frary, L. Kilniartin, R. Leek, B. 

— »-«. 

Thespian Society 


Thespian Club 

The Thespian Society is an International Society of Thespian Members. To gain entrance you must be in four 
plays, and one back stage; you must have participated in one hundred hours of work with the club. Being a member 
of the thespian society is an honor that shows dedication and enthusiasm from its members. 


Support Group 

Members: L-R D. Griffith, Mrs. Walsh, G. Lynch, S. Smith, N. Vakil, N. Buba, J. Weber, C. Burrell. 

Members of the Support Group act as student counselors and peer role models who have 
sworn off any form of drug or alcohol. The group's efforts are not confined only to the High 
School. Members have gone to elementary schools to teach drug and alcohol awareness 
programs. These program's goals are to educate the young and to help prepare them for the 









Junior Prom 



Katherine Waples Jeff Stebbins 




L^ ■ 



^^^^^^^^OBVfiL' ^'-' ^^ 




* ^ 






Spirit \Neek 



The Spanish Heritage Study in Spain 

Each summer, Hingham High, under the auspices 
of Mr. John Nionakis, and Spanish Heritage, or "La 
Herencia Espanola", sponsor a study in Spain pro- 
gram for all interested students. The five-week pro- 
gram consists of four weeks spent in Madrid and a 
final week passed in another part of Spain. In the 
city, the students attend three one-hour classes at 
the University of Madrid learning about various as- 
pects of the Spanish culture and language, four 
days per week. This adds up to a total of sixty 
classroom hours which are concluded with a final 
exam and a graduation ceremony. In addition, one 
day a week is devoted to a museum visit in Madrid, 
while Saturdays are spent on day trips to such at- 
tractions as Toledo, Segovia and Avila, and El Es- 

The summer of 1988 participants in this program 
Included seniors Dave DeBruin, Amy Casciato, Julie 
Kurr, Kathleen McManus, Alicia Ponichtera, juniors 
Kristen Antall, Katie Cannon, Jill DIMartinis, Adam 
Goldberg, Chris McGuire, Tom Murray, Cathy 
Roche, Doug Scipione, and Grady Winch. We met 
kids from Chicago, New York, and New Jersey, 
among other states, and we developed great friend- 
ships with them. I am sure that none of us will ever 
forget all the new things we learned there or all the 
fun experiences we had: La Plaza Mayor contest; 
the discos "Oh," "Cuatro Rosas," "Joy", etc.; San- 
gria parties; water fights; George Michael and Cleo- 
patra; listening to Mike's family stories; the sand 
bar; beach party in Alicante; Eva and her great 
plans; Burger King; paella; Jesus and the employ- 
ees at Augustinus; the clean public pools; the Metro; 
"babysitting" each other; el supermercado; doing 
laundry; El Corte Ingles; Bora Bora; the litre bar; 
"not even"; Paul G. getting mauled by the bull; 
James' accidents; Pink Floyd and Bruce concerts; 
"Te gustaria patatas fritas?" (wink, wink); the girls 
(with mirror) across the street; Senor Sanza. 

In conclusion, we would like to thank Mr. Nionakis 
for giving us this wonderful opportunity to exper- 
ience so much of another culture, and our parents 
for allowing us to take advantage of it. We all 
changed a little as a result of our trip, and we highly 
recommend the Spanish Heritage Program to all In- 
dividuals, whether they speak Spanish or not. 



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Men now crowd salons for 
manicures, and women have wash 
and-wcar haircuts. Men take aero 
bics and women hav 


James and Phyllis Cox 

Dominic and Marguerite laria 

Michael and Maryellen McCarthy 

David and Virginia Flynn 

Edward and Helen Diercks 

Patricia B. King 

Mary and George Ducasse 

Mr. & Mrs. Herb Bennett 

Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Schreier 

Rachel and Emily 


617— 848-1680 



new england office building 
222 forbes road 
Norman K. Mullin braintree. mass. 02184 






TELEPHONE <617) 749-0354 


(617) 749-3737 




















+ GIfIS 





Lie. # 1 5906 








3arta Irns. Int. 

General Contractors 


Phone: 749-9468 — 749-6984 






901 BROAD ST. 









East West Mortgage Co. 

Competitive Rates • Excellent Service 


P.O. Box 293 • Hingham, MA 02043 


(617) 749-1447 ESTABLISHED 1927 

Class of 1989 




HINGHAM, MA. 02043 



— 1, -*■'" "■ 

V 1 IV. 


UtA-,, v-oT 

1 71 





CLASS OF 1989 


v;..i:.:.;«;::xw»:,.;. i^ 

J .' . . ,A *'■ I 

I 1 ■d n- 1 

l""A ■'<: .'H' ■! 

[" "":w.vM'i<iy.: i 



Congratulations to John and the Class of '89. 







HfljTo GO STAis/O 
(►1 TWe CoRnJER- 


The most earth-shaking 
events of history happed 
inside the human mind. 

■ The only rule - 
f er vodka b net 
ffe drink alone. I 









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4:30 p.m. Request for of ficet. Caller requests 

[ same for teenage boys on her property who 

exposed themselves to her daughter at Main 

I St. Police responding, gone on arrival. 







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